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  • 1. An Amazing Gallery ofCamel Hair Art

2. Throughout India, Pakistan and the Middle East you willfind camels. These domesticated even-toe ungulates arenot only hard workers, but they also provide milk andmeat. These animals are celebrated in a variety of festivalsincluding the world famous Bikaner Camel Festival inRajasthan, India and camel beauty pageants in Abu Dhabiand the Cholistan Desert in Pakistan. According to photographer Osakabe Yasuo, this incrediblecamel hair artwork can up to three years to create. For thefirst two years, the hair is grown, trimmed and prepped.For competitions, the hair is then trimmed into intricatepatterns and dyed for the dramatic effect you see below. Please enjoy this gallery of incredible camel art. Big thanksto Osakabe and the other photographers for documentingthis fascinating tradition with such wonderful photos. 3. POSTED BYJ.JAYAKRISHNAN