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The world of social media expands every day, supporting all those arguments and doubts about whether its worth the time and energy to get started when it seems theres so much to learn first. But, just like all of the other areas of our work, and even life, we just need the tools to help us be deliberate and strategic! This session will review some of the primary components of social media strategy building, online engagement, and even how do get started with just 30 minutes per day. Takeaways:- Simple process for designing social engagement initiatives- Templates and process for measuring social media use- Understanding of the key best practices for community building



2. HOW TO GET STARTED,AND ACTUALLY KEEP GOING 3. QUESTIONS Whos out there? What to talk about? Whats working? Whats my 30 minutes look like? How does it all fit together? 4. DEFINITIONS 5. COMMUNITY 6. SOCIAL MEDIA 7. DATA 8. DIY 9. WHOS OUT THERE? 10. COMMUNITY MAPPING 11. STEP 1: GROUPSQuestions to ask:Do different programs or departments connectwith different groups?Do services or products target different groups?How would you describe your community oraudience to someone unfamiliar with your work,and if it is relevant to them? 12. STEP 2: GOALSQuestions to ask:Why does the community continuing needing yourservices, programs or work?What is in it for others to participate?-----What do you need help with or involvement fromthe community to do?How can your work improve with engagement? 13. STEP 3: TOOLSQuestions to ask:Where does this group already talk or engageonline?Which tools are most appropriate to the kind of message or content?What kind of engagement is required to match the goals? 14. COMMUNITY MAPPING TEMPLATEGet this template! 15. WHAT TO TALK ABOUT? 16. CONTENT PLANNING 17. STEP 1: CONTENTExamples:Program or service updates/changesStaff announcementsJobsVolunteer opportunitiesFundraisersEvents 18. STEP 2: GOALSExamples:Increase visibility of the organizationIncrease participationRaise fundsBuild leadershipFind sponsors or partnersRecruit volunteersBuild community 19. STEP 3: OUTLETSExamples:Newsletter or mailingEmail newsletterTwitterFacebookLinkedInWebsiteBlog 20. CONTENT PLANNING TEMPLATEGet this template! 21. WHATS WORKING? 22. METRICS 23. GOOGLE ANALYTICS 24. ALERTS 25. METRICS TRACKING TEMPLATEGet this template! 26. REPORTING Internal reporting: Weekly metrics for various platforms Add metrics as you go Look at long term, not just short term changes Monthly reporting of trends and insights External reporting: Share when there is something worth sharing Reporting context, not just numbers Ask for input and feedback 27. WHATS MY 30 MIN LOOK LIKE? 28. LISTENING 29. LISTENING WITH RSS 30. LISTENING WITH RSS 31. LISTENING WITH ALERTS 32. LISTENING WITH TWITTER 33. LISTENING DASHBOARD 34. LISTENING DASHBOARD 35. JOINING 36. JOINING WITH COMMENTS 37. JOINING WITH COMMENTS 38. JOINING WITH SIGNPOSTS 39. CREATING 40. CREATING PROFILES 41. CREATING REAL PROFILES 42. CREATING ENGAGING PROFILES 43. CREATING VALUABLE PROFILES 44. CREATING CONTENT 45. HOW TO PUT IT ALL TOGETHER? 46. GAMEPlaying the Social by Social game forCommunity-Driven Social Impact 1. Circle up in groups2.4-part grid 3. Lots of questions and conversation 4. Sharing with the whole room 47. Whos your community? 48. What is the sweet spot? 49. Which tools could help? 50. What roles are needed? 51. RESOURCES Templates: Community Map Template: Content Map Template: Metrics Template: Books & Collections: We Are Media: Social by Social: Social media tweet: 52. RESOURCES your-organization/ energize-your-base/ systems-smms/ whats-the-difference-and-the-opportunity/ change/ sustainable-community-building/ landscaping/ 53. PHOTO CREDITS Slide 6: Slide 7: Slide 8: Slide 10: Slide 16: Slide 22: Slide 28: Slide 35: Slide 39: Slide 40: Slide 41: Slide 42: Slide 43: Slide 44: 44: 44: 54. QUESTIONS? Email: Twitter: @amyrsward Web: Blog:


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