Amusing handmade jewelry - diy hair pins by using Shrinky Dink

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  • Amusing handmade jewelry-diy hair pins by using Shrinky Dink

    The arrow pattern, you may also call it chevron, had been widely adopted in handmade jewelry

    items, especially the versatile friendship bracelets among young girls. That is so cool and

    distinctive when utilized in an item. Then, here is the tutorial on how to make the diy hair pins.

    Materials needed for diy hair


    Shrinky Dink

    Gold Marker

    Bobby Pin


    How to start the handmade jewelry?

    These diy hair pins are inspired by the cool arrow patterns. And besides this, about the materials we make

    use of, the magical Shrinky Dink. It is definitely a piece of easy-to-follow and quick-to-finished handmade


    : Draw the arrow pattern on your Step1

    Shrinky Dink. Then cut then out.

    : Paint each shape with Gold Marker. Step2

    : Heat the Shrinky Dink according to Step3

    the instructions on package.

    : Glue on the arrows onto the bobby Step4


  • Tada!

    After drying a few minutes, you can wear them then.

    Furthermore, while working with the Shrinky Dink, if

    you wanna a more flat surface for your handmade

    jewelry, put a glass over top to ensure their flatness. All

    in all, enjoy yourself in making this pair of diy hair pins.

    Varies hair ornaments can be found in our webpage: