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    Launched in 2009, Sustainability Tribe is UAE’s pioneering, pragmatic sustainability guide specially curated by an expert sustainability industry insider and is registered under 'Sustainability Tribe Marketing Management' in U.A.E. The blog has been at the forefront of the sustainability movement in the Middle East covering topics from Conscious Lifestyle, Responsible consumption, Ecotourism, Green Parenting, Environmental conservation, Renewable energy, Innovative sustainable technologies, Corporate Sustainability & Green economy, etc. Sustainability Tribe is a highly resourceful website, acts as an authentic knowledge base & has gained respect for its helpful quality content. The blog has inspired many individuals to start their sustainable lifestyle journey in UAE and beyond.             8400+                   6800+                         6.8%                         1.52m                 16,000+     Page Views        Unique Visitors            Avg. CTR                   Avg. Time            Our Tribe         (Monthly)            (Monthly)            (Click through rate)      (Spent on site)       (Following)


    Founder of Sustainability Tribe, Amruta Kshemkalyani is UAE's top sustainability influencer & certified sustainability consultant. With a Bachelor degree in mechanical engineering, she has over 13 years of diverse experience with a focus on sustainable development projects (including LEED, Estidama) in UAE & Middle-East. She has developed sustainability policies & initiated dedicated departments in different organizations. She also helps organizations to develop a strategy and reach their corporate sustainability goals, incorporate the UN's SDGs as well as with their sustainability reporting & communication. 

    Since the past 10 years, she has been raising sustainability awareness in society and working with a mission of bridging gaps between the various market sector and authentic sustainability. A pioneer of Zero-Waste movement in UAE & she also started #ZeroWasteUAE social Initiative. As an Eco-Educator & speaker, she facilitates workshops, talks on sustainability. She gets invited to talk at international conferences to share her sustainability knowledge & experience. She also has been invited to contribute by many local & international publications like Eco Mena, CXM World, Metro International, Abu Dhabi world. 

    Over 10 years, Sustainability Tribe has built a reader's niche which is growing larger every day.

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    "Your investment in promotion is total and absolute, glad to see you have put your heart and soul to support the disabled students work. Really appreciate the effort exerted for us." – Al Noor Training Center "Amruta at Sustainability Tribe was an absolute delight to work with. It was clear from the beginning that her intentions as a blogger & reviewer were coming from a good place and she would be providing an unbiased review for the benefit of UAE as a whole. She was professional at every step and I take comfort in knowing that she tries and tests by herself so that she can give honest and accurate reviews."– Elisabeth Stephan, Non-Toxic Source  "Sustainability Tribe is one of few highly specialized blogs aiming to increase awareness about a sustainable lifestyle. We thank you for your cooperation and help. Looking forward to working with you again." – Hisham Jaber, The Healthy Home

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    1. Brand Ambassadorship (Upon Request) Brand ambassadorship in events/media etc.  2. Newsletter Marketing (40$ / 55$) Advertisement in the monthly newsletter/ Dedicated announcement email for new products, deals (only 3 announcements available in a month) 3. Quarterly Campaigns (Upon Request) Sponsoring campaign events/ Social media shout outs/ Featured Story on a blog post and advertisement opportunities 4. #ZeroWasteUAE Membership (Free) Businesses who help reducing waste can be part of our #ZeroWasteUAE network by supporting the initiative. 5. Exclusive Blog Feature ($130, samples for testing) A blog post of a minimum of 400 words written by Amruta, at least 2 high-quality images, 2 follow links. This can be an honest, unbiased product/ service review or a post highlighting an organization's sustainability efforts, Enviro-CSR activities. Or an Interview of a change maker. 6. Sponsored Post ($80)  'Ready to publish' article with 2 external links & images provided. Links live for 1 year. 7. Exclusive Youtube Video ($130) Minimum 3-minute vlog, 2 links on the video & Social media coverage. Ex. interview, behind the scenes footage, event coverage, sustainability products/services review.

    Dubai Lamp Launch

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    ~ Advertisement Spaces ~

    ~ Sustainability Services Offered (Rates Upon Request) ~


    9. Giveaways/ Running contest on Social Media ($40, Gifts & images to be provided)

    8. Social Media - ($25 per post & samples)/ Social Media Campaign (65$ for 3 posts)                                                                                                                                                   10. Sustainability Events (Upon Request)                                                                          Media partnership, available as a speaker, media                                                                             coverage on the blog or vlog. Assistance in                                                                                       organizing event & event consultancy 1. Ad Banner on the blog homepage ($75/month) 2. Ad Banner in high traffic stand-alone page on the blog ($40/month) 3. Ad Banner in blog's sidebar appears at the bottom on mobile ($35/month) 4. Ad Banner in monthly Newsletter ($40) 1. Sustainability Consultancy, Advisory & Audits- Sustainable design of the built environment including new construction, interior fit-out, refurbishment. LEED/Estidama/ WELL/DGBR/EXPO 2020 certifications & approvals. 2. Green event Consultancy- Conceptualization, Event activation and theme ideas for the event, sending invites for attendees/volunteers.  3. Business Sustainability Consultancy- Creating sustainability strategy & organizational sustainability policy, sustainability reporting & internal as well as external communication. Operational Sustainability including audits, surveys to improve resource efficiency, reducing waste and improving occupant wellness.  5. Ethical Marketing- Sustainability-focused marketing strategy for products /Services/ Initiatives. Launch of earth-friendly products etc.  6. Sustainability Content Generation- For newsletter, websites, magazines. Annual sustainability reports, sustainability project plans & reports. 7. Sustainability Speaker- Awareness talks, sustainability-focused workshops/team building activities. Speaker, moderator/panel contribution for events. 9. Coaching & Mentoring- Training courses for sustainability, zero waste, CSR, responsible marketing Note: Tailormade packages can be created to suit brand partner needs. (Rates are in US $)


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