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A PowerPoint presentation about amphibians.


Lets learn about:


Amphibians The word amphibian means living two lives Fill in the blanks: Most amphibians live part of their lives in _______ and part of their lives on _______.

ANSWER: Most amphibians live part of their lives in water and part of their lives on land. GOOD WORK!!!

Amphibian Characteristics Live part of lives in water and part on land Vertebrates they have backbones Cold blooded their body temperature changes with the air temperature Lay eggs in water Do NOT have scales (like reptiles do) Go through a process called Metamorphosis Carnivores

Metamorphosis Definition: The series of changes that some animals go through as they develop from eggs to larvae to adults. Amphibians go through metamorphosis.


Types of Amphibians

Caecilians Legless Live underground Live in warm tropical areas Look at lot like worms Have powerful jaws and mouths lined with teeth Eat insects, worms, frogs and lizards Can be big (up to 5 ft.) or small (less than 5 in.)


Salamanders & Newts Look like lizards 4 legs, long tails Newts are a certain species of salamander Most salamanders live adult lives on land Most newts live adult lives in water Range in size (1/2 inch to 154 pounds) Eat insects, worms, fish, frogs, birds and other salamanders Like moist environments must keep skin wet all the time

Salamanders & Newts

Frogs and Toads Tail-less (lose their tails as adults) Nearly 4,000 species worldwide Live on land and in water Eat insects and worms and other animals Move by swimming and hopping Communicate with noises; every frog species has a different noise

Frogs and Toads