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3D Virtual Worlds, Massive Multiplayer Online Games (Mohammed Hujeij, Beladcom) #AmmanTT Gaming Edition


  • 1. Mohammed Hujeij
    Creative Director
    3D Virtual Worlds
    Massive Multiplayer Online Games
    Amman Tech Tuesdays Gaming Edition August 3rd

2. Major in-world elements for defining a Virtual World :

  • 3D/2D visual living environment:

Virtual content that is continuously update and created by both the developers and the users.

  • Avatar Massive Multiplayer Online Presence:

Concurrent representation of individuals, walking interacting and communicating, using webcams, microphones and text chat.
Virtual roleplay, starts with character development, guilds and societies, having an alternate life.

  • Virtual activity:

Gaming, Socializing, Commerce, users creativity creating value for items and services, bringing virtual value to the content and to the chatacters.
Amman Tech Tuesdays Gaming Edition August 3rd
3. 3D virtual worlds platform
As an internet platform, 3D virtual worlds are in rapid expand, taking form of webbased games and stand alone games.
Rapid expenditure in virtual world industry as a next step in internet technology and digital entertainment, that is taking part and not exclusively in the fields of:

  • Gaming which is a major element and attractor to the platform.

4. Social and Community Activity. 5. Education 6. Medical 7. E-Commerce-Marketing and In-game Advertising.Growth in the platform is driven by factors such as technological advancements, growing popularity of casual Virtual Worlds and a rapid increase in broadband connectivity across the globe, with a global market for MMOGames that is projected to reach US$14.4 billion by 2015.
The Arabic MMO scene is growing fast with increasing popularity for many MMORPGS and browser based games online, the lack of payment methods being addressed, and piracy not effecting online games.
Amman Tech Tuesdays Gaming Edition August 3rd
8. Arabic MMO Targeted Users

  • Casual users of existent games and social media games.

9. Beginners, new to gaming, who will develop an interest, each in their own preferred virtual activity. 10. Women gamers as a new addressed segment. 11. MMO Gaming enthusiasts, who are already used to the concept. 12. The average age for MMOG users is 30 years old,it is for everybody.Amman Tech Tuesdays Gaming Edition August 3rd
13. Business Model
Generating money from the user:

  • Pay to Play

Subscription based ,usually also involves the initial purchase of the game box.
Can also add micro-transactions availability, content value usually creates a game black

  • Free To Play

Offering a free to use game,with micro-transactions for selling virtual currency,items,
services and features.
As a game developer you take into account:
Unique user logins / Concurrent peak number of users per week,month.
ARPU Average Revenue Per User
ARPPU Average Revenue Per Paying User
The paying users are usually %5 to %10 of the total user base.
Comparing 2 games isnt easy as factors of Game Genre, Region ,Seasons should be considered.
Amman Tech Tuesdays Gaming Edition August 3rd
14. Beladcom

  • Started as a vision concept idea.

15. Passion for MMO Games and Virtual Worlds. 16. Addressing the Arabic internet user, bringing an advanced 3D MMOG that is directed specifically for Arabs, taking culture and background into account, as well as being available and appealing for internet users worldwide. 17. The first to create a stand-alone non webbasedmmorpg,non-localised with content from scratch, by Arabs for Arabs.Amman Tech Tuesdays Gaming Edition August 3rd
18. Beladcom's New MMOG

  • Bringing the next generation in online entertainment for the Arabic internet world at a high quality level.

19. Arabic language support. 20. Exclusive license and partnership to use the Entropia Universe Gaming Platform in the region. 21. Wide variety of Gaming activities and systems, constant updates providing new content, leveling and professions, quests.

  • The platform potentials, providing user generator content and activities,which expands to non-Gaming related activates, as well as audio and video streaming content.

22. Free-to-use with a Real Cash Economy, using micro-transactions to deposit and withdraw real cash to and from the virtual world for e-commerce. 23. Easy to use interface and game dynamics,1st and 3rd person gameplay blending RPG with FPS, 24. The CryEngine2 Game Engine.Amman Tech Tuesdays Gaming Edition August 3rd
25. CryEngine 2
- Advanced real time rendering.
- Dynamic lightning and soft shadows.
- Advanced shader technology.
-Light beams and reflections and distant fogging.
-Motion blur and depth of field.
-Smooth surface simulation and natural skin and vegetation.
-Advanced 3D water and ocean surface simulation.
Amman Tech Tuesdays Gaming Edition August 3rd
26. MMORPG have you spent too much time on MMORPG games that affected your real life?

1. Yes
2. No
3. What is MMORPG
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