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Hands on Clinical Core and Elec/ve Rota/ons For Interna/onal Medical Students By Molly Fraser: Senior Residency Strategist Nerissa Pawluk: Senior Residency Strategist AmeriClerkships Medical Society

AmeriClerkships Medical Society

AmeriClerkships Medical Society Gain the essen/al hands on experience necessary for applying to the US Earn performance based recommenda?ons from US licensed physicians Increase your candidacy to the eld of medicine you will commit to Enhance your interview skills and condence Strengthen your understanding of US healthcare to improve performance while in residency Excellent opportunity to network and begin building your medical iden/ty in the US

Medical school approved Part-/me schedules

available upon request Payment op/ons Combined programs including usmle prep and visa sponsorship available Addi/onal membership benets Enroll in a group for substan?al discounts

Cer?ed Fellow Membership 2 year term (from /me of provisional enrollment) Educa/onal online webinars Document revisions: PS, CV,

Addi/onal Support!!

residency applica/on Cer/ca/ons: BLS, First Aid, Universal Precau/ons, HIPAA, AMS orienta/on 12 month AMA Membership once ECFMG Cer/ed

Most Frequented Student Clinical Sites Chicago Internal Medicine Pediatrics General Surgery Psychiatry Ophthalmology -Family Medicine -OBGYN -Anesthesiology -Cardiology -Nephrology -Cardiothoracic Surgery -Plas/c Surgery -Vascular Surgery -Pulmonology -Neurology -Neuro/Spinal Surgery -Ortho Surgery -Pulmonology

Las Vegas

Internal Medicine Pediatrics General Surgery Psychiatry Family Medicine Internal Medicine Pediatrics General Surgery Psychiatry Family Medicine

-OBGYN -Cardiology -Anesthesiology -Emergency Med -Gastroenterology -OBGYN -Dermatology -Nephrology -Neurology -Ophthalmology


-Pulmonology -Otolaryngology -Urology Please note: addi/onal clinical sites available upon request

How Do I Apply? 1. Submit approved Clinical Authoriza?on LeKer (CAL) 2. Complete online applica?on and agreement 3. Respond to your customized Residency Ready Plan (RRP) 4. Submit membership fee 1. 2. 3. Cer?ed Cer?ed Fellow (standard student membership) Express hKp:// memberships

Please note: Addi/onal documents required for full enrollment

AmeriClerkships/Kaplan combined student program I20 Visa sponsorship (F1) 24 weeks of student clinical rota/ons (core/elec/ve) Kaplan issued I20 for F1 visa sponsorship: Kaplan Deluxe Prep 7 or 10 months center prep 7, 14, or 16 weeks of live lectures Recorded video lectures, Qbank ques/ons, small group discussions Approximately 22 hours per week of exam prep combined with approximately 22-25 hours per week of clinical rota/ons

How Do I Apply for Kaplan?

1) Submit all required documenta?on 2) Pay ini?al fees: $500 deposit (fully refundable) $200 non-refundable visa applica?on fee Not required for permanent residents/green card holders as well as students enrolled in the CS or online courses

3) Pay balance & start course any?me within 12 months of enrollment date

Ways to Save Group discounts AmeriClerkships / Kaplan combined program Referral apprecia?on Combine Kaplan US Based Course + AmeriClerkships Hands-On Clinical Experience Package and save 15% on each program Maximize your chances to match by combining clinical experience & high USMLE scores! Promo%onal code required 2 new members: 15% each 3 new members: 20% each 4 new members: 25% each 5 or more new members: 30% each Complete les for each enrolling group member required hjp://

Enroll with a group and save from 15% - 30%

Refer friends for free clinicals or cash Skype: Molly.Fraser.US Cell: 714.474.9856 Skype: Nerissa.Pawluk Cell: 949.910.3035