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Senior Managing Director & CIO of Washington, DC-based boutique wealth & money management firm Quantum Financial Advisors, Inc. with an exceptional 15-year track record; 30 years of capital markets and asset management experience; Clients are pension plans, endowment funds, non-profits, SMBs, and high net worth individuals; Recognized in America's Top Financial Advisors for 2012 by financial publisher Conquest Press; Presents to CFOs and CIOs of small-to-medium-sized pension plans and endowment funds at events across the country; Teaches finance courses on portfolio risk management at the University of Marylands Smith School of Business; Gives back to the community by offering free lunch & learn educational seminars across the country; Featured in Reuters, Yahoo News: >> http://voices.yahoo.com/is-2012s-bleak-outlook-ruining-retirement-investing-11662340.html?cat=3 >> http://news.yahoo.com/joseph-rinaldi-quantum-financial-advisors-inc-recognized-among-080409986.html >> http://news.yahoo.com/wake-continued-bleak-global-economic-outlook-quantum-financial-070814703.html >> http://www.reuters.com/article/2011/11/15/us-usa-deficit-students-idUSTRE7AE1M920111115


  • 1. Featured Advisor Profile Joseph Rinaldi, IIIQuantum Financial Advisors, Inc.1633 Q Street, NW Suite 230 Washington, DC 20009 Office Phone: 202-955-9201 Email: qfaadvsr@comcast.net Website: www.QFAINC.com Quantum Financial Advisors is a comprehensive financial services firm committed to helping you improve your long-term financial success. Our customized programs are designed to grow, protect,and conserve your wealth by delivering an unprecedented level of personalized service and expertise.Website Excerpt:Your choice of the right financial professional is not a simple one. It couldalso be the most significant investment decision you will make in yourlifetime. Here at QFA, our main objective is to help provide you financialsecurity today and far into the future. We conduct an in-depth evaluation ofyour financial profile in order to create a structured plan based on savingand investing. Your financial goals will always dictate which financialinstruments we will implement in order to obtain financial success. We willhelp you maximize your financial efforts with a well-organized plan andcontinue to provide you details and recommendations throughout yourrelationship with us. Page 1 of 4

2. Education and Career HighlightsJoseph Rinaldis version of the American Dream was working on WallStreet. After attending Hofstra University and receiving his BBA, he went onto Pace University, where he received his MBA with a concentration in Financeand MIS. Upon graduation, he began working for Dime Savings Bank where theChairman of the bank gave him an opportunity to be a MBS trader & hedgingspecialist. He spent three years in that position and learned about banking,capital markets and risk management.Morgan Stanley offered Joseph an opportunity to do mortgage trading andrisk management. He spent about two years there before moving to MarylandNational Bank (now BofA). His asset securitization team produced severalmulti-million dollar transactions in the private placement arena. Thesetransactions produced millions to the bottom line. During the S & L debacle ofthe early nineties, Joseph decided to help our nation fix the mortgage crisisthat existed. He joined the RTC/FDIC and was one of three senior capitalmarket specialists who took over banks, valued the assets, produced a plan toeither trade the assets in the secondary market or securitize them. During hiswatch, his team traded over $30 billion of assets in an efficient way, as tominimize any losses to the taxpayers. Concurrently, he was on the investmentcommittee for an eight billion bank. Joseph is now the senior managingdirectorwithQuantumFinancialAdvisors, Inc.Mr. Rinaldi was published in The Morgan Stanley December 86 Options NewsLetter, Optimal Standbys Compared To Other Hedging Instruments. In addition,he publishes on a quarterly basis Money & Capital Markets Monitor for hisfirm.Services Offered Money & Wealth Management Financial Planning Estate Planning Risk Management Portfolio Management Retirement Planning Business Continuation Tax PlanningPage 2 of 4 3. Licenses and DesignationsFINRA Series 3, 7, 63 and is currently 65 licensed.Currently Federally Regulated by The SEC, registered as an InvestmentAdvisory firm and is noticed filed in eight states.Compensation paid via Fee Only. Client Support and ServiceQuantum Financial Advisors, Inc., offers a hedge fund style of investmentmanagement to its clients. An extensive interview is done for potentialclients to see what their risk level is. After their risk level is determinedand they become a client, a plan is created that coincides with their risktolerance. QFA current stable of clients include, high net worth individuals,pension accounts, professional athletes, endowment funds, nonprofits andcorporations.Joseph is accessible twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, and emailedquestions will be answered within twenty-four hours. Because they are aboutique firm, the clients best interests are always put first. The CIOinvests his and the companys money in the same investment as its clients.With 28 years of experience, Joseph currently has 125 clients and managesapproximately $60 million of assets on a discretionary basis.(More on a nondiscretionary basis.)Giving BackMr. Rinaldi is an adjunct Professor of Finance at the Smith School of Businessat the University of Maryland, and offer a free lunch and educational seminarsto those in need on a nationwide basis.Along with his teaching, Joseph is involved in the Amcham Cuba, Big Brothersof the National Capital Area, Partner JUMPSTART, participated as aHead Coach for the Montgomery County Baseball. Also, his experience includesseveral current and past Board positions at Farmland Child Development Center,Martin & Wall, QFACC and Quantum Financial Advisors, Inc. Page 3 of 4 4. Client ImpactA client came to Joseph approximately ten years ago withsignificant assets that they never really paid much attention to. Theclient would often postpone or cancel their annual review and rarely metwith or called Joseph and his firm.When Joseph was finally able to have them come into the firm todo their annual review, Joseph wanted to show them the growth that hasoccurred over the last ten years.The clients accounts doubled over the past ten years based on thestrategies and plans that were implemented by Joseph and his firm. This isof significant importance because the major stock indices have shown littlegain during that same time period. It has made such a positive impact onthe clients life and the lives of their family members. This happy clienthas referred several new clients to Quantum Financial Advisors, which isthe greatest compliment. Most Gratifying Aspect of Being an AdvisorJoseph finds that interviewing people and helping them identify theirrisks, goals, and objectives, and developing strategies to meet thoseobjectives, is most gratifying. Financial Strategy from Joseph RinaldiThe cornerstone of Josephs investment strategy is asset allocation. As market pricesdiverge or converge, he uses sector rotation to take advantage of price discrepancies.Furthermore, he utilizes options trading to protect clients principal,while generating additionalincome for each clients portfolio.Hisstrategy is ideal during these turbulent times.Page 4 of 4 5. Conquest Press, LLC. 50 East Avenue Woodstown, New Jersey 08098888-840-2600800-450-1806Conquest Press, LLC. provides over 30 years of combined experience in the areas of writing, marketing, and client service and sales in the Financial Services industry.