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  • Derek Nugent, Bethany Schillinger, Nicole Lange, Janesha Rush, and Ashley Molina

  • Table of Contents Our Economy Bethany Schillinger The Outrageous Economic Boom Ashley Molina The Crazy Dating Ashley Molina Impact of New Celebrities Ashley Molina Celebrities in the 1920s Derek Nugent Film in the 1920s Nicole Lange Post-war Isolationism Nicole Lange Scope's Trial Nicole Lange Impact of sports Janesha Rush Jazz Music Bethany Schillinger Advertisements Full of Lies Bethany Schillinger Consumerism Janesha Rush 18th Amendment Janesha Rush Dawnes Plan Derek Nugent Henry Ford Assembly Line Derek Nugent Citations

  • The Outrageous Economic Boom

    Following WW1 America had come away being a very powerful and confident nation. America had been able to take over European overseas markets becoming the ultimate Industrial world leaders. With huge changes to Technology, Construction, Advertising, Entertainment and peoples Interests. America was experiencing a decade of a great business boom in almost every industry. This is referred to as the Economic boom of the 1920s.

    The average household was beginning to be able to afford new products which were becoming much more affordable as increased popularity caused many products to be massed produced. Making the price of many new inventions/products more affordable for the general public. Advertising was used to promote vast ranges of consumer goods using new and original techniques such as catch phrases and the use of color which is being introduced.

    Construction is at its busiest in the 1920s than ever before. With Industrial growth at an all-time high there was a huge demand for new factories, needed to produce the increase in new products. Hospitals began to be built as well as other public buildings like schools and cinemas. The 1920s was the age of the skyscraper

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    Our Economy Since World War I unemployment rates have been high. Men came back from the army to find that their jobs had been filled by African Americans and women. Also, some of the businesses that had been making supplies for the war were forced to shut down. This left even more people unemployed, until the introduction of the assembly line. The assembly line was first put to use by Ford Motor Companies. Now cars, household appliances, and many other products are being created using an assembly line. Many more jobs have been created through the assembly line. People who didnt have much experience can now find jobs in a business that runs through an assembly line. Since credit was introduced our national spending has sky-rocketed. People are starting to buy expensive products that they couldnt afford before credit was introduced. People are piling up massive debts that they may never be able to repay. People are starting to borrow money from banks and invest that borrowed money in the stock market, hoping to make a profit.

  • The Crazy Dating

    Dating has changed dramatically. Some women are starting to be called flappers. Their hair styles were short and hair was bobbed, they were drinking and went to the city to party. Men were also heading to the city because they knew the women for being wild since they were out drinking. After the war a huge impact made the dating world.

    It made it easier for younger women to date because they also were starting to get more freedom. For example we have cars. Were able to go and pick up our boyfriend/girlfriend. A vehicle was making it easier for everyone to get with one another because of transportation.

    Women are now becoming way more rebellious and doing whatever they please. Their going against the rules. Drinking, having sex. Some of these women arent even married. Theyre out of high school.

    Anthony, Ariana. "Lipstick, Booze, and the Origins of Slut-Shaming: Dating in the 1920s.

    Anthony, Ariana. "Lipstick, Booze, and the Origins of Slut-Shaming: Dating in the 1920s.

  • Impact Of new Celebrities

    Famous people are the shining stars of a changing world of celebrity. With the rise of the mass media, the attraction of the silver screen, books, sports and Broadway shows. For some fame was byproduct of living life. The most famous people are the "IT" girls.

    At the same time, many men are becoming famous for their exploits around the globe. . . from sports to music, people were making names for themselves. From the baseball diamond to the science lab, men were becoming famous for their accomplishments.

    Sports are starting to become a huge attraction to people. Sports are gaining popularity. School teams were formed for students. Several sports, such as golf, that had previously been unavailable to the middle-class became open. Record-breaking athletes also attracted many new people to various physical activities.

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    Celebrities were a big thing at the start of the 1920s. Some of the most famous celebrities were Jack Dempsey-boxer, Bade Ruth-baseball and the king of New York, and Albert Einstein-famous scientist. Some famous movies stars were Charlie Chaplin, Clara Bow, Greta Garbo, Harold Lloyd, Buster Keation, Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy, and Rudolph Valentino. Charlie Chaplin was best known in the Little Tramp. Clara Bow was the hottest jazz baby in films. Greta Garbo had a great voice and made characters jump off the screen. Harold Lloyd played shy characters, his comedy was without words. Buster Keation never smiled on screen and his comedy was without words. Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy was the most famous comedy team at this time. Rudolph Valentino was beloved by millions of American women and sadly died in 1926.

    Celebrities in the 1920s

  • In the early times of movies were

    very popular with immigrants. People

    werent really interested in the plot

    until the 1900s and only in the 1910s

    and 20s did films become highly

    regarded. Studios began to pop up:

    Universal 1912, Paramount 1914, Fox

    1915, Metro Goldwyn Mayer,

    Warner Brothers and Columbia in

    1924, and RKO in 1928.

    In 1915 there was only 15,000

    theaters but by the mid-20s America

    had 20,000 theaters. Partway through

    the 20s longer films became more

    popular, whereas before films were

    only 15 to 30 minutes long. Comedies

    were good for people who wanted to

    become actors since they are short.

    Charlie Chaplin and Harold Lloyd

    were two of leading comedians. The

    20s was the rise of Rudolph Valentino.

    In the early 20s Walt Disney made

    their first cartoon The Four Musicians

    of Bremen. The first 3D movie came

    out in the mid-20s. In 1925 Hollywood

    became the center of film producing

    85% of movies. Rin-Tin-Tin became the

    most popular animal actor. 1925 was a

    bad year for films because of the rising

    of radio. In 1926 the popular Rudolph

    Valentio died at age 31. The first talkie

    came out in 1927 called The Jazz

    Singer. Also in 1927 America held the

    first Academy Awards. By the late 20s

    silent films became a thing of the past.

    Film in the


    After World War I we tuned our back on

    Europe. Since the world had never really had

    such a big war, we had a lot of anti-European

    feelings. Because of anti-European feelings we

    refused to join the League of Nations, a

    completely avoided all foreign affairs that we


    We set tariffs on imports, which ended up

    raising prices because there were no more

    cheap foreign products. While we did that we

    took away a very large market from other

    countries thus making them lose money and

    almost impossible to repay the loans they

    owed us. Along with the tariffs we reduced our

    immigration drastically.

    Post War Isolation

  • In July of 1925 the Scopes or

    Monkey Trial took place. On

    January 21 1925 Tennessee

    Representive proposes a law

    banning the teaching of anything

    against the divine creation. On

    January 27 it was approved. May 4,

    1924science teacher and football

    coach, John Scopes, 24, agrees to

    teach evolution for the ACLU along

    with William Bryan to be the person

    on the bibles side.

    Of course Scopes gets taken to

    court. The judge wouldnt let

    Scopes Lawyer bring in an evolution

    expert. Bryan testifies as a biblical

    expert but Scopes lawyer got him to

    say that God didnt really make the

    Earth in exactly 7 days. Though the

    jury, after only meeting for 9

    minutes, they find Scopes guilty and

    fined $100 (ACLU and Bryan said

    they would pay part of the money).

    After the trial Scopes declared his

    intent to oppose this law in any

    way I can any other action would be

    in violation of my ideal of academic


    The Scopes

    Monkey Trial

  • Impact of Sports

    Looking back at the early 1920s, there was sports. America introduced new

    laws limiting working hours and increasing leisure time. Because of that, Americans used sports to fill

    their leisure time, and sports became a phenomenon. As sports got bigger,

    spectators became even bigger.

    Baseball was considered the most popular sport du