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American Government and Organization. PS1301 Wednesday, 29 October. How do people decide?. The Michigan Model (prospective model) Party identification Candidate characteristics Issue positions. Influence of Party Id. Requirements for Issue Voting. Aware of the issue - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • American Government and OrganizationPS1301Wednesday, 29 October

  • How do people decide?The Michigan Model (prospective model)Party identificationCandidate characteristicsIssue positions

  • Influence of Party Id

  • Requirements for Issue VotingAware of the issueCare about the issuePerceive difference between the candidatesCorrect about the difference

  • Criteria for Issue Voting

  • Dynamics of 2000 Presidential CampaignSource: Johnston and Hagen (APSA 2003) Priming and Learning: Evidence from the 2000 Annenberg Study

  • Character

  • Perception of Gores Honesty

  • Traits of Candidates

  • Retrospective VotingParty identificationEvaluation of the pasteconomic indicatorsWarsIncumbency

  • Race and Gender

  • ReligionBush Gore Nader

  • Education and Income

  • Unions and ReligionBush Gore Nader

  • How do Presidential Elections and Congressional Elections Differ?Presidential elections are more salientThe average voter has more information about the presidential candidates than congressional candidates. Consequently, party identification may play a lesser role in pres. elections Voters are more inclined to be influenced by personal/candidate characteristics and issue voting may be more prevalent.

  • Congressional ElectionsThe empirical evidence suggests that party labels are have a greater effect when information about the candidate is lowU.S. RepState SenatorSt. Assy.County Board

  • Congressional ElectionsDecline in party id means that other cues become more importantIncumbencyName recognition

  • Rise of Split Ticket Voting