american expansion chapter 10. jefferson as president thomas jefferson and the republicans in power...

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  • American ExpansionChapter 10

  • Jefferson as PresidentThomas Jefferson and the Republicans in PowerJefferson took office as the 3rd President of the United States in 1801Republicans also took control of the House and Senate (from the Federalists)*This was huge as Americans saw that leadership could change hands peacefully in a young nationJeffersons inaugural addressStated that he would support the will of the majority, but the rights of the minority must be protected (assured the Federalists that party politics would not interfere in running the government

  • Washington D.C. Washington D.C. served as the capital (Jefferson hoped the city would remain independent of any particular state)Jeffersons cabinet and policiesJefferson replaced some Federalists in his cabinet with Republicans (he also changed some Federalist policies)To repay the national debt cut back on military spendingTo improve the economy wanted to repeal some taxes (whiskey tax)Left the Bank of the United States alone (it was practical and working)

  • Marbury vs. Madison

    President John Adams appointed many judges just hours before his term expired (these are known as midnight appointments)Some of the judges did not receive their commissions by the deadlineJefferson didnt like the idea and tried to replace William Marbury since he wasnt notified in timeMarbury took the case to the Supreme CourtIn the Judiciary Act of 1789, one of the powers given to the Supreme Court was the right to force the federal government to give Marbury his commission

  • Marbury v. Madison (Madison was Secretary of State)The Supreme Court ruled that Marbury had the right to the judgeshipIt also admitted that it could not force Jefferson to give Marbury the jobThis made the Judiciary Act on 1789 unconstitutional* surprising because this actually took away some of the Supreme Court PowerJudicial ReviewThis established judicial review, meaning that the Supreme Court has the right to declare an act of Congress to be unconstitutionalThis give the Supreme Court greater power in the national government


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