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1. American ElmUlmus Americana 2. BARK!Mediumto dark gray.Alternatinglayers ofwhite corkand brownfibers. 3. LEAVES! Alternate on stems Edges saw toothed Dark green on top and smooth Bottom can be hairy or smooth Turn yellow in the FallMature leaves BUDS! Up to in long Pointed Small, red, hairy, scales Baby leaves 4. FLOWERS! Small In clusters onslender,droopy, stems. Greenish-Red Hairy 5. FRUITS! Dry Multiple fruits insmall clusters Flattened Oval Circular, light,wing surroundsseeds Wings are havehairy edges 6. Young KIBI Tree MatureTree 7. FACTS!FACTS!FACTS!FACTS!FACTS! The wood is used for boxes, crates, andsteam-bent wooden items Was once the most popular shade andornamental tree in the eastern U.S. Commonly called white elm Widely killed by Dutch Elm Disease Most commonly found along streamsand on floodplains