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Ambiguity in Japan. 曖昧 ( Aimai). Ambiguity. More than one intended meaning Japanese word: Aimai  ( あいまい). Reasons for Being Ambiguous. To Promote Harmony To Be Polite To Be Humble To Be Indirect. To Promote Harmony. Geographical Influence. Desire to Preserve Positive Reputations. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Ambiguity in Japan (Aimai)

  • Ambiguity More than one intended meaning

    Japanese word: Aimai

  • Reasons for Being Ambiguous

    To Promote Harmony To Be PoliteTo Be HumbleTo Be Indirect

  • To Promote HarmonyGeographical InfluenceDesire to PreservePositive Reputations

  • To Be Polite

    (i.e.) Declining Offers

    Chotto = Well

    Demo ( = But

    Kangaete-Okimasu( =I will think about it

  • To Be Humble

    (i.e.) How did you do on your exam?

    ma-ma = Not so bad

  • To Be Indirect

    Are you going home for holiday?Have you completed your graduation thesis?

    Ichio = For the time being

    Indirect way of expressing Yes

  • Ambiguous v.s. Assertive

    Ambiguous Assertive

    Socially Positive Socially Negative

  • Expressing Genuine (?) InterestSo desu ka(Is that so?)

    So desu ne(I agree..)

  • Expressing Disagreement

    Eeeh? mmmh?Disagreement= Rejecting the Person

  • Ambiguous v.s. AssertiveBeing Assertive in Japan Means:

    RudeShow Off Socially NegativeDirectChildish

  • Impacts on Cross-Cultural CommunicationAmbiguity creates a false image about Japanese as shy

    Confusion due to ambiguous way to disagree

    Misunderstandings due to Japanese inability to say No


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