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Alberta Mortgage Brokers Association (AMBA) members magazine.


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    introducing the amba affinity program that rocked! 2013 curling bonspiel wrap up spring 2013



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  • SPRING 2013 3

    Membership Director (South)Adil Mawji Invis

    Membership Director (North)Nadeem Jiwa MCAP Service Corporation

    Consumers Awarness Director Cathy Sehn Verico Brokers for Life Inc.

    Ethics DirectorKevin Weeks Weeks Law

    Professional Development DirectorJames Kulus Canadiana Financial Corp.

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    information to members of the provincial association, offering an opportunity for the industry

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    PresidentRon McClenaghan Invis

    Past PresidentPaul Bojakli Quantus Financial

    TreasurerGord Appel TMG

    Events DirectorErica Fikkert Equitable Trust

    Lionel Lewko Saskatchewan Director

    Communications DirectorLen Lane Verico Brokers for Life Inc.

    RECA Relations Director Phil McDowell Mortgages Are Marvellous

    Education DirectorRyan Spence D+H

    spring 2013 cONtENtS

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    Ed ArnoneT 403.389.1357F

    Erica FikkertT 403.606.9460F

    Western Canada OfficeT 403.440.1200TF 1.866.940.1201

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  • SPRING 2013 5

    whenever i attend mortgage industry functions, people ask how things are going and express concern that the industry associations are not working together. what are we, as amba, doing to address this ongoing concern about duplication of activities? i would like to make sure our members understand the position we have taken and what the amba board has been striving to achieve to address these concerns.

    we would like to take this opportunity to clarify our vision to our members and to let you all know that all board directors welcomes hearing your views and takes them seriously. the amba board has for the last two years, and intensively in the last 12 months, worked diligently to dialogue with all parties about a collaborative solution. these have not been easy conversations as change does not always come easy. working with the other provincial associations to share information as well as member services has begun and that collaboration is going well. we have a lot to share and learn from other provinces and collaboration is especially important in view of the newly formed mortgage broker regulators council of canada (mbrcc).

    amba is, and has been, solidly behind the concept of a unified group of associations working collaboratively for the common good of the industry. the amba board believes there is an important role to be played by a national association working on national issues such as federal government relations, formulating market data research and providing important mortgage industry related news. however, we also believe in the need for strong provincial associations. provincial associations are the local voice and touch point for members. at a local level we understand the regional character of the industry, work with the local regulator on an ongoing basis and are able to respond quickly to member needs, including delivery of education as well as professional development.

    the associations cannot continue in competition with each other, duplicating efforts and diluting resources. efforts between national and regional bodies can and should be coordinated. it is time for renewal and leadership at all levels with the goal of implementing a new structure and path forward that will provide a foundation for all of us. getting this done will require a new governance model with a formal relationship between the national and provincial associations. this means having the provincial associations board send representatives to be part of the national board rather than holding separate elections. this would create true integration. with formal links between local and national bodies there would be representation without the duplication and a concrete mechanism to coordinate activities. this step would benefit everyone involved and move us towards the larger goal of better serving the industry.

    a division of responsibilities, and recognition that we all have value and something to bring to the table, needs to take place. nothing can be built without mutual respect and a real commitment to unification. ambas position is that there needs to be one organization of associations where the provincial body represents a common membership and holds elections. this electoral process creates real governance and a truly representative voice from the grass roots to the national body.

    there is so much that could be accomplished from unification that would create value. the amba board believes in unification for the industry and we know that the best way to do that is to fight for long term significant change, and that is what we have committed to do on behalf of our membership. you dont get to your destination without a roadmap. amba has firmly stood behind the idea of collaborative change; our vision is to have all associations within one organization working on behalf of all members. in alberta we believe in action not words and would welcome the governance dialogue with the all bodies, national and provincial, on how to make this happen. nobody has all the answers but collectively we can find them.

    caamp has embarked on a strategic dialogue; we hope these views and ideas will be part of that process and that the outcome will be a blueprint to build bridges and tear down fences. unification of the associations wont be simple or easy but we believe it is the change the industry membership both wants and needs for a progressive future.

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    PrESIDENtS MESSAgEron Mcclenaghan AMBA President

  • SPRING 20136

    recently you would have seen a member advisory regarding the amba submission to real estate council of alberta regarding their proposed changes to the alberta real estate act. this is a sign