amazing facts about multichannel ecommerce

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This presentation created by Syncline team revolves around some of the key stats about the leading ecommerce websites and online shopping behavior. Go through this presentation and get an idea about the multichannel retail sales in this multi-screen world.


  • 1. Online shopping is a multi screen activity People use multiple devices to shop online 16% Growth in online sales due to mobile commerce 67%

2. Popular cross devices activities 81% Browsing the internet 67% Shopping Online 43% Planning a tour 3. Extracting Big FACTS 86% Of top 50 European retailers have an ecommerce website 33%Only of them are mobile optimized 4. 53% Spend 5% or less of the total marketing budget on their ecommerce platform 47% Think social media interaction is necessary 5. The World is going online.. Go Global with The Syncline.. 6. Address Suite 3.22, QWest, Great West Road, Brentford TW8 0GP, LONDON. Website