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1. By: 2. Do you know where Credit Score is Sexy? Thousands of single men and women joined in search for responsible potential life partners. Knowing that credit scores are based not on how much you earn but on how well you handle your money This online dating site is where good credit scores are sexy. 3. Did you know that Advance-fee loans are illegal? 4. is the only probable reason for cases where they can guarantee you a loan in exchange for a flat fee 5. Do you know how much your credit mistakes can damage your score? 6. Common credit score mistakes: Maxing out your credit card 30-day late payment Debt settlement Foreclosure and bankruptcy. 7. What to do in case youve damaged your credit score? Verify the information. In some cases, there may be an identity theft of it may only be a mistake or inaccuracy in your credit file. Contact your creditor and ask what they can do. Read our previous posted articles to help you improve your credit 8. You may also like to read more credit facts here: credit-facts/ Check your credit score regularly to avoid issues in the future! 9. Connect with us by clicking your favorite social media icons below: Toll Free Phone no. (888) 778-5677