Amazing Benefits of Vegetable Hair Dye

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Amazing Benefits of Vegetable Hair Dye

Are you fed up of using certain famous hair colouring brands and did not get any effective resultsand is your hair lost their shine and had become rough?. But dont we will tell youeffective benefits of vegetable hair dyeand also in this presentation we are going to share the righttips to use vegetable hair dyein order to get best and good results.

You would shock for some time when you listen about the name of vegetable hair dye. Relax it is really very helpful and beneficial for healthy hair. Try to go for vegetable hair dye. It can be quitehelpful and effective for your hair and it will also make your hair beautiful, shinner and healthier. Vegetable hair dye is generally safe and non-toxic.

Amazing Benefits of Vegetable Hair Dye

Now a days various hair products such as dyes and colours are generally prepare from chemicals which will surely provide an effective colour, but can damage your hair. So instead of using marketed products you can go for vegetable hair dyes. Vegetable dye is generally prepared from vegetables and it does not consists of chemicals and other hazardous toxic substances which are not effective for your hair. They are generally very good for those people who are allergic to various chemicals.

Why it is effective to use Vegetable Hair Dye?

Here are the some of the wonderful benefits of vegetable hair dye:

Vegetable hair dye will not do any harm to your hair:

One of the most effective benefits of vegetable hair colour is that it will not cause any damage to your hair. The reason being, that it does not includes any chemicals and other ingredients which can cause harm to your hair.

Vegetable hair dye holds hair structures:

If you uses hair colour products on daily basis then it will lead to cause hair breakage, and it will also make your hair unhealthy. So go for vegetable hair dye that do not cause these types of side effect. Vegetable dye will not change the structure of your hair, thus causing no damage.

Amazing Benefits of Vegetable Hair Dye


3. Vegetable hair dye will provide conditioning to your hair:

Due to the presence of natural ingredients which is present in the vegetable hair dye, it will help in conditioning your hair. Moreover it will also make your hair softer, shinier and stronger.

4. Vegetable hair dye is safe during pregnancy: The chemicals which is present in the hair dye products is the major concern for pregnant women as these chemicals may have an adverse effect on unborn baby. In case of vegetable hair dye, there is no need to worry as it does not consists of any chemical, thus make them more safe to use during pregnancy.

Amazing Benefits of Vegetable Hair Dye



Amazing Benefits of Vegetable Hair Dye

5. Vegetable hair dye is not permanent:

The better thing about vegetable hair dye is that they are not permanent, means that you can change your hair colour without waiting for too long. This dye can be completely washed out if you wash you hair with shampoo for 8-10 times.


Here are the some of the preparations of the vegetable hair dye:1. Darken your hair by using Rosemary and Sage: People who are suffering from problem of dry hair can darken their hair with the help of rosemary and sage. These two are very famous and are available in the market in the dried form.Directions:Take a cup of sage and one cup of rosemary.Now take a bowl and put these leaves in a bowl and put water in a right quantity.Then, boil this mixture. Now remain it for 4 hours.When the herbs get boiled, you can apply it on your hair. Before using this herbal solution, make sure to remove out the leaves of herb.Then gently massage your hairs with this liquid so that it can reach to every hair strand. Leave it, till it gets dry.Then wash your hair and dry it using clean towel.

How to prepare vegetable hair dye?

2. Lightening your hair with the help of lemon and chamomile:

If you want to lighten your hair then go for chamomile tea and lemon.Take a bowl and add chamomile tea and lemon juice in the bowl and mix it very well. The ingredients must be grinded well.Mix this mixture very well and when the mixture is ready, apply it onyour hair.Remain this mixture till hair gets dry out completely.Then wash your hair and dry your it using towel.

How to prepare vegetable hair dye?

Carrot and beet juice for red colour:

Carrot and beet juice are the main ingredients in this process. Mix both the juices and keep it in a spray bottle. Make sure it is only the liquid does not contain any residue or any dirt. Dampen your hair. For this process, the hair should be quite damp. Apply the juice mixture to the hair from the roots to the tips. Then sit outside for the Sun light. The sun rays work with the mix giving your hair beautiful low lights/undertones in shades of red. It may take several times to achieve your desired hair colour. So keep repeating..

How to prepare vegetable hair dye?

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