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  • 1. A Long Way Gone

2. What do you know about grief ? Have you ever experienced it? How does it affect the human psyche (mind)? 3. The stages of grief (mourning)are universal and are experienced by people from all walks of lifeWe spend different lengths of time working through each step and express each stage more or less intenselyStages do not always occur in order 4. The initial, or first, reaction to learning of the death of a loved one is to deny the reality of the situation refusing to accept factsDenial is a defense mechanism to protect ourselves buffer the shock of death 5. This stage is where reality and pain emerge and intense emotions are expressed in anger and rageAnger can be aimed at objects, strangers, family, friends, or the loved one who has passedFeelings of resentment and guilt are common emotions in this stage 6. In this stage, there is an overwhelming feeling to regain controlBargaining is a reaction to feeling helpless and vulnerable from the Anger stageTry to negotiate to postpone or delay the death of a loved one (with a higher power) 7. This stage is where one begins to understand certainty of death Feelings of sadness and regret are common Can become disconnected from love and affection from others 8. In the final stage, an individual comes to term with death. This phase is marked by withdrawal and calmness. This is not period of happiness but rather acceptance which allows them to move on Not everyone is able to achieve this stage some may be stuck in another stage all their life


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