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<ul><li> 1. Alum Creek Research Project<br />Scott Fennama<br />Andrew Hill<br />Cassandra Woodward<br />Patrick Freeze<br />Ashley Reid<br /></li></ul> <p> 2. Overview Ashley<br />Alum Creek<br />Land uses<br />Sources of flow<br />Potential influences on water quality<br />Water Quality Problems (303(d) listing)<br />Our investigations<br />What we did and how<br />Conclusions and recommendations<br /> 3. Google Earth picture<br /> 4. Scott<br /> 5. Water Quality Problems: 303(d)(Cassandra)<br />What is the 303(d) list<br />Chemicals of concern<br />Standards (state of NV)<br />Who tests<br />Where the tests were done<br />What they showed <br /> 6. Our investigations (Andrew)<br />What we did<br />Chemistry survey (TMWRF, YSI)<br />Microbiological<br />Flow<br />Soil moisture<br />Piezometers<br />Rain gages<br />When we did it<br /> 7. 8. Patrick Ashley<br /> 9. Results<br />TMWRF<br /> 10. Chemistry survey<br />Picture of YSI<br /> 11. Conclusions and recommendations<br />Changes with downstream distance<br />increases in E. coli numbers<br />Increased flow<br />Increased temperature, pH <br />Chemistry results?<br />Changes with flow regime<br />Difference in E. coli numbers<br />Chemistry results?<br /> 12. Potential Sources<br /> 13. Acknowledgements<br />City of Reno (Lynell Garfield)<br />Caughlin Ranch Homeowners Association (Randy and Mike Trubell)<br />Truckee Meadows Water Reclamation Facility<br /> 14. Alum Creek<br />Watershed map<br /></p>


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