Alum Creek Research Project

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  • 1. Alum Creek Research Project
    Scott Fennama
    Andrew Hill
    Cassandra Woodward
    Patrick Freeze
    Ashley Reid

2. Overview Ashley
Alum Creek
Land uses
Sources of flow
Potential influences on water quality
Water Quality Problems (303(d) listing)
Our investigations
What we did and how
Conclusions and recommendations
3. Google Earth picture
4. Scott
5. Water Quality Problems: 303(d)(Cassandra)
What is the 303(d) list
Chemicals of concern
Standards (state of NV)
Who tests
Where the tests were done
What they showed
6. Our investigations (Andrew)
What we did
Chemistry survey (TMWRF, YSI)
Soil moisture
Rain gages
When we did it
7. 8. Patrick Ashley
9. Results
10. Chemistry survey
Picture of YSI
11. Conclusions and recommendations
Changes with downstream distance
increases in E. coli numbers
Increased flow
Increased temperature, pH
Chemistry results?
Changes with flow regime
Difference in E. coli numbers
Chemistry results?
12. Potential Sources
13. Acknowledgements
City of Reno (Lynell Garfield)
Caughlin Ranch Homeowners Association (Randy and Mike Trubell)
Truckee Meadows Water Reclamation Facility
14. Alum Creek
Watershed map