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The Spring 2013 Alternative Markets Investment Portfolio presents ways which will enable your investment funds to grow.


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2. As independent brokers wehave access to a wide portfolioof high performing investmentswhich we are happy to presentto you after extensive researchand due diligence.Get growingHere at Alternative Markets we are only interested in serving you in wayswhich will enable your investment funds to grow.It is our aim to stay at the forefront of The old adage knowledge is moneyWe provide in-depth analysis, regularthe alternative investments market. still holds true. reports, hot sector guides, innovativeproduct information, industryWe are passionate about what we doWe are committed to applyingadvancements, up-to-the-minuteand derive considerable satisfactionthat knowledge and producing fruitful news and strategic advice as to howin being able to transfer our can exploit and maximise yourknowledge and expertise to investors. earning potential.Let us get you growing! Allow our team to make a difference2 3. Our Latest ProjectsRare Earth Metals gCERDue to their many uses in green technology and renewableA gCER (Green CER) is a Certified Emissions Reductionenergy solutions, the demand for rare earth metals is which is generated and approved by the UNFCCC.expected to grow exponentially.Self StorageSolarNew for 2013 is our self storage investment that offers a Solar projects are flourishing across the UK. Driven byguaranteed 8% return for the first two years with projected Government backed Feed in Tariff schemes, and the globalreturns increasing to 12% in years 5 and 6. drive for clean, renewable energy sources.Irish Rock MineralsIrish Rock Minerals are a natural resource that decreasesdependence on chemical fertilisers and contains all themineral elements essential to improve the growth ofgrasslands and crops. 4. Rare Earth MetalsRare earth metals are a collection of seventeen relatively unknown metals inthe periodic table. They are a unique group of chemical elements that exhibita range of special electronic, magnetic, optical and catalytic properties.Because of their unique properties and abilities, the use of rare earth metalshas increased dramatically over the past few years due to the technologyboom.High Demand Price StorageDue to their many uses in green It is almost certain that the prices of We advise our clients to hold theirtechnology and renewable energy rare earth metals will see significantmetals at our bonded facility. Metalssolutions, the demand for rare earthrises over the next 2-5 years.held in storage are fully insured tometals is expected to grow at a rapid This creates a huge investmentcurrent market values. Clients dorate as the world moves from fossil opportunity for people willing to not have to hold their metals at ourfuel to more environmentally friendly diversify their current investments bonded facility, and if preferred, directalternatives. and invest their money in the risingownership of metals can be arranged.prices of these metals.In 2011 China decided to cut exports of Rare Earth Metals which caused a 10fold price increase for some Rare Earth Metals.Our analysts are experts in their field and have spent yearsdealing with commodities and watching the astronomical riseof rare earth metals. We have reviewed the uses and potentialfutures of all of the rare earth metals and collated a list of themetals we believe will see the greatest price increases over thenext 2 5 years.Our expert analysts are here to guide you tomaximise your investment potential4 5. Green Certified EmissionsReduction Certificates are soonto become the ONLY tradableCERsGreenInvestmentgCERA gCER (Green CER) is a Certified Emissions Reduction which is generatedand approved by the UNFCCC.CERs are capable of being tradedWhy Purchase a gCER? Demand is set to increase - Australiaand retired by organisations to will allow its emitters to usemeet their emission allowances.The EU is planning to ban all CERs International credits including EUOnly gCERs will be eligible for useissued from HFC 23 emissionpermits and United Nation the EU., Australian and other reduction projects (industrial gas)Europe and Australia will start ainternational trading schemes from from March 2013. This will mean that partial link of their carbon markets by2013 onwards, creating an attractive in excess of 90% of existing CERs in July 2015.investment.Europe will be banned and withdrawn from the compliance offset sector.gCERs demandis set to jumpwhen 90% ofexisting CERsare phased out5 6. Es a eum fugiaseatem faccati aturi-busa cus elent autemex esciment que mol-orib usciae sit labo.Self StorageNew for 2013 is our self storage investment that offers a guaranteed 8%return for the first two years with projected returns increasing to 12% in years 5and 6.The UKs Self Storage Companiesof sizes and have all the facilities Low entry level investment from onlyhave seen the Highest Growth and and support provided by Store3,750 with our typical investmentHighest Yielding Returns within theFirsts management team at veryamount now exceeding 60,000 percommercial property sector over thecompetitive rental rates.client. Maximum investment levellast decade.1,000,000 Store First Ltd is producing newYou will receive guaranteed returnsself storage facilities across the You will receive a 6 year lease in placefrom a 6 year lease already in place United Kingdom. We use the sameupon completion. The lease producesupon completion, making this a highsuccessful blueprint as many other an excellent return of 8% (guaranteedyielding, hassle-free investment large PLC self storage companies for the first 2 years) rising to over 12%which has been specifically designed around the country but with an in years 5 and 6. The lease containsto meet the needs of todays astuteimproved business model and an upward-only rental reviews and breakinvestor.aggressive profit driven marketing clauses for both parties every 2 years. strategy.Welcome to a new self storageconcept, with guaranteed income andwhat is fast becoming an investmentrevolution The Storepod.A Storepod is an individual, high Predicted Returnsecurity storage unit set in a StoreFirst self storage Centre. This is theon Investment ofeasiest way to allow both individuals 107% by year 6and businesses to managebelongings, equipment, furniture,stock and any other storable itemsin a secure and safe storage facilitywith 24-hour access 7-days aweek. Storepods come in a variety6 7. Quarterly returns through the feed in tariff scheme (FIT) Green InvestmentSolarSolar projects are flourishing across the UK. Driven by Government backedFeed in Tariff schemes, and the global drive for clean, renewable energysources.Alternative Markets offer established Index linked for up to 25 years, a Original investment sum returnedfully managed Solar Initiatives withprojected total return of over a potential 100% capital uplift.predictable 7 - 9%* p.a returns paidAlternative Markets offer a flexible Guaranteed quarterly paymentsquarterly direct from a major UKway to make a large or small, lowdirect from Good Energy / supplier.risk investment in renewable energy,as a one-off product or as part of a Government backed guaranteedbalanced portfolio. Feed in Tariffs (FiT). Invest with confidence - Clear,predictable schedule of returns. Good Energy, the UKs only 100%green energy supplier. 100% of Feed in Tariff income paid.20 or 25 Year No restriction on investment size.Renewable SIPP/SASS or cash investment.EnergyInvestmentOpportunity7 8. Short Term investment with projected returns of more than 60% after 12 months Green InvestmentIrish Rock MineralsIrish Rock Minerals are a natural resource that decreases dependence onchemical fertilisers and contains all the mineral elements essential to improvethe growth of grasslands and crops.Irish Rock Minerals add a rich mixOver the next 20 years, the most We are able to offer investors aof macro and micro nutrients to the investable trend is going to be in hands-off investment opportunitysoil, with clearly visible effects on the the resources sector primarily inthat is projected to offer returns ofcrops. Irish Rock Minerals increase renewable and non-renewablearound 60% 70% within 12 months.the sugar levels in silage grass, resources such as minerals duepromotes clover and early growthto a wealthier and growing world As we purchase Irish Rock Mineralswhile extending grazing time. It also extremely large volume thereduces dependance on chemical investment purchase price is a longfertilisers and livestock thrive on Increasing demand on finite supplies way short of the current market value.pastures treated with Irish Rockhave already strained productionMinerals. capabilities and will continue to doso.Irish Rock Minerals have been usedextensively in all aspects of farmingincluding grasslands, crops, orchardsand more recently to improve thequality of grazing grass. Crops grownIt also helps control a conditioncalled epiphysis in livestock. All with the aidanimals grazing in pastures treatedof Irish Rockwith Irish Rock Minerals have shownMinerals offera marked improvement in health andwell being.clear benefits8 9. Get in touchZurich:The World Trade Center ,Leutschenbachstrasse 95,8050 ZurichSwitzerlandTel +41 43 508 1418London:2 King Edward StreetLondonEC1A 1HQTel +44 0203 3846


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