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  • Ken Andries Kentucky State University

  • A cull is a cull no matter what the papers say!!!!!

    Sale barns are for selling not buying!!! Reduce herd to fit feed supply animals dont

    live by acres alone. When the grass goes away break out the hay. Energy and protein are the most needed hand

    feed for best impact. Hay is like a box of chocolates, test to know

    what you have before you feed.

    Adapted from Cow Production Philosopy, Ideal Beef Memo November 1983

  • Warm season Forages Native forages Warm season annuals Bermuda grass and others Some Clovers and other legumes

    Cool Season Forages Fescue Orchardgrass Timothy Small grains

  • Alternative forages are forages that are not normally used in your area.

    They can be either cool or warm season, annual or perennial

    Includes many plants that are considered weeds by others

    Used to help provide better nutrition during some period of time or to provide a known benefit to the animals.

  • Warm Season: Lespedeza Sericea

    or Korean Sorghum Sudan grass Pearl Millet Soybeans Corn Alfalfa for grazing Forage Chicory Kudzu

    Cool Season: Cereal Rye or

    Ryegrass Wheat Oats Turnips

    Browse Multi flora rose Blackberry brambles Iron weed

  • Perennial forb Rosette growth habit Most common variety:

    Puna Seeding rate: 3-4 lbs/ac Produces well under

    rotational stocking Min. grazing height of 2 in. TDN 65%, CP 15% Contains sesquiterpene


    (Cichorium intybus L.)

  • Annual legume Maintains quality

    through season Very high quality Little regrowth Nutrition is good, 16%

    CP and 54% TDN Good availability of


  • Very productive Forage Regrowth is rapid if

    moisture is present Do not graze when

    drought stressed or after frost.

    Good Quality17% CP and 70% TDN possible

    May grow faster than goats can graze

  • Summer Annual Good growth

    potential Not as productive as

    Sorghum Sudan grass Regrowth is good Goats do like it. Quality is not as well

    known but around 12% CP and 52% TDN.

  • Can be used in fall and spring

    Forage or purple top varieties can be used

    Animals often must be forced to consume first time

    16% CP and 69% TDN for quality on tops, may pull bulb and eat as well

  • Includes Switch grass, Gamma Grass, Big Blue Stem, Indian Grass, and others

    NRCS may help with establishment.

    Helps with summer slump on cool season

    Quality varies depending on variety.

    Quality drops rapidly on some with maturity

  • Multiflora Rose: 18% CP and 72% TDN Kudzu: 14% CP and 55% TDN Jeruselum Artichoke: 20.7% CP and 62% TDN Blackberry: 8.2% CP and 72% TDN Greenbrier: 12.2% CP and 63% TDN Bush Honeysuckle: 10.3% CP and 69% TDN Pigweed: 22.1% CP and 80% TDN Common Ragweed: 17.4% CP and 75% TDN Sumac: 13.7% CP and 77% TDN

  • Tall fescue (E+, E-, novel) Alfalfa Eastern gamagrass Bluegrass Red Clover Big Bluestem Orchardgrass White Clover Indiangrass Tall Oatgrass Birdsfoot Trefoil Bermudagrass Reed Canarygrass Sericea Lespedeza Sorghum Sudan Perennial Ryegrass Kobe Lespedeza Corn Chicory Switchgrass

    Goat Forage Grazing Tolerance Trial UK Robinson Station

  • Provided by David Ditsch

    1. Sorghum Sudan 2. White Clover 3. Turnip 4. Red clover 5. Chicory 6. Sericea Lespedeza 7. Tall Oatgrass 8. Alfalfa 9. Warm Season Grasses

    (EGG, Switch, BB, Indian)

    10. Reed canarygrass 11. Orchardgrass 12. Annual Lespedeza 13. Novel Endophyte TF 14. Endophyte Free TF 15. Infected TF 16. Bluegrass 17. Bermudagrass

  • Short grazing in year one due to conditions and establishment Better ADG on Lespedeza on both locations Very little change in FAMACHA score

    Second year of project One location only due to drought conditions Saw slightly better growth on Lespedeza pasture. Very little difference in FAMACHA score

    Parasite control was not as good as expected but goats had central water and ally that they grazed heaver than pasture, stand was not as pure as desired.

  • S. Lespedeza Grass Weeds

    Method % by wt.


    18.8 76.3 4.9

    Interseed-Drill 18.3 79.6 2.0

    Disc-Broadcast 62.8 34.9 2.3

    Disc-Drill 35.2 55.2 9.6


    31.0 24.7 44.4

    Rototill-Drill 66.7 0.0 33.3

    Burndown-Drill 85.7 0 20.2


    61.8 0 38.2

    Sericea Lespedeza Establishment Trial

  • Alternative forages are good choice for your animals

    Benefits of improved nutrition and can help with parasite issues in some cases.

    Proper grazing management is critical to success of alternative forages

    Goats may need to be exposed to some forages before they readily graze them.

    Establishment may be difficult in some locations. Soil test and proper fertilizer and pH are critical.

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