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<p> 1. Bioremediation Business Opportunities through Acquisition Carina Water Management Services 2. Microbial Remediation Used extensively for oil spills, including the BP New Horizons spill in the Gulf of Mexico 3. Microbes Come in Various Forms Bacteria Virus Protozoon Algae Fungus 4. How Microbes Function Microbes act as either a catalyst or an electron contributor for a chemical reaction Examples of oxidation and reduction reactions facilitated by microbes 5. Alpha-Omega Bioremediation has over 30,000 characterized microbes 6. Further Work on Alpha-Omega Inventory of Microbes Genomic Characterization Taxonomic profiling basic understanding of the genetic similarity of the microbe to other known species Metabolic profiling basic understanding of the functional similarity of the microbes to other known species Allows the rapid expansion of the inventory through the discovery of similar microbes Allows for fewer laboratory experiments to be conducted on new microbes that express similarities to know species </p>