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What is Reiki? Reiki is an ancient science that uses hands as the only tool in order to channel the most powerful energy that exists.


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2. The Greatest Power is the Power of our Subconscious Mind. 3. Once we understand this and learn to use the power within us, we can create wonderful changes in our life. We can achieve many goals. 4. - About Us - Shrihareet has been practicing astrology and other metaphysical subjects since the year 2007. He has established an institution-THE METAA PHYSICAL SOCEITY (govt.regd) to spread the knowledge of reiki, meditation towards humanity. He is both an astrologer and tarot card reader at a time. 5. Reiki is universal life force energy. Reiki is not a religion. Reiki energy comes from the God-Force and is an extremely powerful healing is a pure energy form. 6. Reiki can virtually treat all the known diseases. It is knownto havecured hypertension,heart diseases and arthritis etc. inaddition to manyotherailments. A daily self treatment can keeptheperson in maximumhealth and well being. Reiki is excellent naturalanti-aging remedy. Regular Reiki treatment can help in reducingweight. 7. - Karuna Reiki - Karuna is a Sanskrit word that is used in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Zen. It is translated as any action that is taken to diminish the suffering of others. It may literally be translated as "compassionate action. It is a logical extension of the idea of Oneness. 8. - Money Reiki - Money Reiki is a new system of Reiki that is here to help you and the planet with money issues. Money Reiki is about the Spiritual Energy of Money. Here's what that means: When you are attuned to the Spiritual Energy of Money, you become part of a movement to increase the vibration of money around the world to one that is more generous, cooperative, and egalitarian. You align yourself with the intention that you can and will earn money with integrity by following your highest path. 9. - Alpha Meditation - What is Alpha Meditation? How can we access this power of our Subconscious? Is there a Key? Yes. The Alpha Level of our mind is the key. This level can be reached through meditation. Alpha is a brainwave frequency between 7 and 14 cycles per second. This is a level between sleep and wakefulness. 10. The uses of Alpha Level Meditations: o Total relief from stress. o Success in every walk of life. o More intuition to make decisions. o Reach higher performance levels. o Increase flow of money in your life. o Manifest anything in life easily. o Remove negative thoughts. o Reprogramme your mind for success. o Maintain ideal weight and good health. 11. - Magnified Healing - This is a wonderful healing technique, where you connect yourself with the source, the universe and to the center of the earth through all the spiritual centers by establishing a constant flow of energy. The one day workshop will teach you the following: Meditation for Empowerment Alignment of centers (Spiritual) & clearing of light channel Increasing the energy in the hands (Creating the MAGNIFIED HEALING energy) Healing self & others Distant healing 12. Lama-Fera Lama-Fera is an energy healing system that has been practiced over the centuries in the Buddhist monasteries of the Himalayas. It is used there for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing. It involves calling upon Lord Buddha to come to the healing situation. His healing energy flows through the healer to the person needing healing. 13. Our Fees & Duration The Metaphysical Society (Govt.Regd) 14. Contact Us - The Metaphysical Society (govt.regd) 16, Kabi Sukanta Sarani, Purbita, Birati, Kolkata-700 051 Landmark-kalabagan bustop Contact-9231591826 Email - Website