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Some credentials from The Allotment Brand Design


  • 1. Storytelling that grows brandsTuesday, 21 January 14

2. About us We use storytelling to grow brands, transform businesses and create richer experiences. We are driven by our passion to deliver tangible growth for our clients.- Shortlisted for a Brand Impact Award 2014Our work has covered global 1bn+ business-to-business companies, brand packaging for world famous FMCG clients as well as high growth business-to-consumer start-ups.- Best in Show and Best Identity at the Design Week Awards2012As a team we have won over 90 design and effectiveness awards nationally and internationally.- Two golds, silver and bronze at the 2013 Transform AwardsTuesday, 21 January 14- Positioned 8th for creativity in Design Weeks 2013 UK top 50- Winner of Best Rebrand at the MarketingDesign Awards 2012 3. Our teamTuesday, 21 January 14 4. We believe that... better communications built around strong and clear narratives help create competitive advantage. We unearth, design and communicate compelling brand promises and stories for businesses. These promises are based on the authentic soul of organisations - the unquestionable and irrefutable truth told as a story that inspires emotional connection. We use storytelling to give meaning to brands. To create an emotional connection that gives personal relevance.Tuesday, 21 January 14 5. Why Storytelling? - Storytelling reflects and creates brand culture. It respects the listener. It expects involvement. It does not sell an idea - it plants a sentiment. - Storytelling supports feelings which are more memorable than facts. - Stories have predictive qualities. They help people create simple rules to navigate a complex world. - Successful brands create story consensus around a fundamental purpose. We help businesses define and articulate their purpose.Tuesday, 21 January 14 6. Tuesday, 21 January 14 7. How we workTuesday, 21 January 14 8. Growing understanding We dig deep and unearth everything about your business, markets and audiences as well as the problem youve asked us to solve. Growing understanding is about creating a rock-solid strategy on which everything else is built.TheAllotment Copyright 2013Tuesday, 21 January 14 9. Growing clarity We find the single, exceptional idea that expresses exactly whats unique about your business or brand. Its a collaborative process that involves working with you to agree and define your vision. Its about mapping out exactly where you need to be heading in order to thrive.TheAllotment Copyright 2013Tuesday, 21 January 14 10. Growing difference We make you shine. Bringing ideas to life in way that excites you and your audiences. Our work is never just eye candy. Instead real difference is achieved through clarity - building on something essential at the heart of what you do.TheAllotment Copyright 2013Tuesday, 21 January 14 11. Our approach to storytelling Some case studies Tuesday, 21 January 14 12. Growing White Logistics Rebrand and repositioningTo tell Whites story in a meaningful and distinctive way. To do this we needed to define their purpose.Tuesday, 21 January 14 13. Research - Whats Whites point of difference and purpose?Our point of dierence is our extra level of service - we rarely say NO, we do whatever it takes to sort out issues for customers. They are conscientious and they put themselves out. Theyre problem solvers. They oer solutions, not excuses.Tuesday, 21 January 14 14. Tuesday, 21 January 14 15. White identityTuesday, 21 January 14 16. Truck liveryTuesday, 21 January 14 17. Truck liveryTuesday, 21 January 14 18. Truck teasersTuesday, 21 January 14 19. Truck liveryTheAllotment Copyright 2011Tuesday, 21 January 14 20. Storytelling - Haulage herosTuesday, 21 January 14 21. UniformsTuesday, 21 January 14 22. WebsiteTheAllotment Copyright 2011Tuesday, 21 January 14 23. BrochureTuesday, 21 January 14 24. Tuesday, 21 January 14 25. TheAllotment Copyright 2011Tuesday, 21 January 14 26. Sales materialsTheAllotment Copyright 2011Tuesday, 21 January 14 27. ResultsJust 6 months after rebranding Whites secured over 600k of new business Sales brochures increased the rate of proposals to wins from 8% to 43% Sales revenue predicted to grow by 50% over 2-3 years following rebrand Judith Stracey - Managing Director Best of Show at the Design Week Awards 2012 Best Identity at the Design Week Awards 2012 D&AD Award winner (In-book) Winner of Best Rebrand at the Marketing Design Awards 2012 Winner of Best Corporate Rebrand at the Transform Awards 2012Tuesday, 21 January 14 28. Growing Proxima Brand proposition developmentProcurement sucks - find a clearer and better way to explain our value add. See the change - making the invisible, visible. Defining a path no-one can follow! Tuesday, 21 January 14 29. I like to be called Governor or the Boss. I don't like Maam - Im not the bloody Queen. So take your pick. Prime Suspect written by Paul BillingTuesday, 21 January 14 30. I like to be called Governor or the Boss. I don't like Maam - Im not the bloody Queen. So take your pick.CATALYTIC THINKINGPrime Suspect written by Paul BillingTuesday, 21 January 14 31. A series of six animations were produced which very simply explained Proximas Catalytic offer.Tuesday, 21 January 14 32. Tuesday, 21 January 14 33. Tuesday, 21 January 14 34. Tuesday, 21 January 14 35. Tuesday, 21 January 14 36. Growing Wates Group Repositioning and reportingGive more depth to our stories. A brand that focused on people and their value, not buildings.Tuesday, 21 January 14 37. Wates Group - Proposition creationAbove all, its about people. Brand/proposition guidelinesTuesday, 21 January 14Annual Report 2007 38. Wates Group - Annual Report 2010Tuesday, 21 January 14 39. Wates Group - Annual Report 2010Tuesday, 21 January 14 40. Wates Group - Annual Report 2010Tuesday, 21 January 14 41. Wates Group - Annual Report 2011Tuesday, 21 January 14 42. Wates Group - Annual Report 2011Tuesday, 21 January 14 43. ResultsIt has been a great pleasure to work with a team that combine challenge and creativity in such a positive way. Feedback on our annual reports has been excellent. Paul Drechsler Chairman & Chief ExecutiveThis years report has surpassed our achievement last year. Its more concise, clearer and continues to communicate our brand story in a compelling way. Importantly, the process was straightforward, low on business disruption and was delivered on time and on budget. Gareth Coombes-Olney Group Communications DirectorTuesday, 21 January 14 44. Growing Mansell Construction Services 2011 Annual ReportCreate strong, clever stories with a small budget. An idea behind every message.Tuesday, 21 January 14 45. Mansell Construction Services - Annual Report 2011Tuesday, 21 January 14 46. Other clientsTuesday, 21 January 14 47. First Direct Arena Sponsorship branding3 weeks to create a cool brand extension to target younger audiences. An emerging and deeply immersive story all about the amazing acoustic quality of the arena. Tuesday, 21 January 14 48. Tuesday, 21 January 14 49. Tuesday, 21 January 14 50. Tuesday, 21 January 14 51. The Donkey Sanctuary Rebranding and fund raisingAn award winning identity and a significant uplift in donations. A brand with a strong emotional connection to its loyal supporters. Tuesday, 21 January 14 52. Tuesday, 21 January 14 53. Tuesday, 21 January 14 54. Tuesday, 21 January 14 55. Tuesday, 21 January 14 56. Tuesday, 21 January 14 57. Tuesday, 21 January 14 58. An identity for a famous writers agentTuesday, 21 January 14 59. A rebrand of an insurance businessTuesday, 21 January 14 60. A series of new brochures for Cabe at The Design CouncilTuesday, 21 January 14 61. A set of new illustrations for Cable & Wireless to help them refocus their business on the Central American and Caribbean marketsTuesday, 21 January 14 62. Thank you The Allotment 17-21 Emerald Street London WC1N 3QA Telephone: 07815 142035, 21 January 14