all i've learned about bigfoot so far

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All I've Learned about Bigfoot so far, a collection of the knowledge that I have seen and learned.


  • 1. All I've Learned About Bigfoot So Far

2. Bigfoot Lives in Oregon !!! 3. Bigfoot is Shy They are Seldom seen but Rare Foot Prints have been found on Many Occaisions... Example: Image below Authour Unknown They are stealthy, quiet and do not wish to be bothered. Example: Image above Authour Unknow Bigfoot believers share there experiences publicly Out of a compeling desire to educate any open minded humans. Example: Image Author Kewaunee 4. Bigfoot / Sasquatch Are Earths Protectors To Our Wild Monutains & our Canyons, and Valleys. From Our Rivers and Streams, Like A Real Smokey the Bear, but a Rare Hairy Humanoid. 5. Bigfoot lives in Remote Protected National Forests all over the world.