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Project for Business Law: Assigned to create a company, and construct a company handbook including and covering all appropriate sectors of the company.


  • 1. Welcome to our family! We are honored that you have decided to join our family at All Glorious Catering. We welcome you to our team and hope that our relationship will be mutually beneficial to you and the company, as well as rewarding.
  • 2. Our success depends on you Our success depends upon the dedication of our employees, we are highly selective in choosing new members of our team. We look to you and the other employees to contribute to the success of the company, and take pride in it as we do. It is important for you to know that you are an important member of a team effort.
  • 3. Acceptance Please accept, with honor, the important responsibility we have asked you to undertake. No job is insignificant and no detail too small to go unnoticed. We hope that you will find your position with the Company rewarding, challenging, and productive.
  • 4. No contract handbook This handbook is not a contract, that guarantees your employment for any specific time. This handbook is intended solely as a personal guide. It is not to be considered an Employment Contract or a Statement of Conditions or Terms of Employment.
  • 5. Policy Changes The policies stated in this handbook may change from time to time, but no person other than an owner/manager of the Company has the authority to change or modify a policy. Any change or modification must be in writing, and will be signed/dated (verified) by the owner/manager.
  • 6. Revisions Revisions on pages and policies may be distributed to you periodically. All revisions will be dated signed by the manager/owner. These new revisions will now take place of the old pages or policies in this handbook. It is your responsibility to know these policies once they are distributed and in your hands.
  • 7. The Purpose of This Handbook This handbook will serve as your guide to knowing and understanding our Company policies and procedures that affect your everyday employment. This handbook as mentioned, is solely for your personal purpose. It is a guide, to know what is expected from you as an employee and that we promise to uphold to you as your employer.
  • 8. This handbook is not intended to contain all of the Company policies and procedures but is to be used to acquaint yourself with general rules and policies and referred to whenever questions of this nature come up. If the meaning of a policy or statement is not clear, please contact the department manager for further clarification.
  • 9. Benefit yourself We firmly believe that if you are familiar with this handbook and the companys policies/expectations; it will only give you an advantage in working for our company. All employees are expected to abide by the handbook. Also, All Glorious Catering expects each employee to display good judgment and courtesy, in their relationships with all members of the staff and the general public.
  • 10. Our Legacy Angelia Mazzone was born in Naples Italy in 1908. In the year 1919, she owned and operated a small restaurant by the name of Angelinas for all of the locals, providing them with wholesome, delicious meals In 1965 she became ill and the business was left Angelinas daughter Gloria took over in 1969 Gloria took over ownership, ensuring her costumers the same devotion and love her mother had given to them and put into the food. Gloria expanded the business to what is now All Glorious Catering.
  • 11. Our Promise To You We are honored to take part in special occasions such a weddings, baptisms, reunions and various other celebrations. We promise to provide top quality service, food, and hospitality. All Glorious Catering ensures a unique yet unforgettable experience. Relax and enjoy while we promise you to take care of everything. You are now apart of the family.
  • 12. Our Mission Statement Our mission is to provide the best food and service in hospitable environment that makes you feel apart of our family. We aim towards becoming a top leader in the food service industry. While continuously striving to attain and retain our valued customers by making them our first priority.
  • 13. Equal Opportunity Employer Zero Tolerance policy regarding employment discrimination of any form. Hire employees without regard to Race, Color, Sex, Religion, National Origin, Age or Disability. Includes promotion, demotion, placement, compensation, recruiting, advertising , layoff or termination. Suspect discrimination has occurred. Contact The U.S Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. 1-800-669-4000
  • 14. Probationary Period New employees subject to 90 day trial period Trial period is intended to provide both parties with an opportunity to see if relationship is a good fit. Employee has opportunity to demonstrate his or her attributes/skills. Introductory stage. Employee becomes familiar with company policies, procedures, standards.
  • 15. Probationary Period Employee will be carefully monitored: Attendance Attitude Ability to work with others Overall job performance At the end of probationary period: Formal Evaluation Questions/concerns Decision
  • 16. Probationary Period Contd. Company may terminate your employment at anytime during this period. Upon satisfactorily completing trial period, employee becomes a regular employee of All Glorious Catering. Days accrued during this time will be available to the employee.
  • 17. Performance Evaluations & Salary Reviews Conducted Yearly Gauge employees job performance and set goals for next review period Can result in change in pay, but not always Salary review- consider attendance, level of performance, responsibilities and efficiency Performance evaluations may be conducted upon completion of 90-Day Probationary Period. Wages and Salaries may be reviewed at any time when an employee exceeds expectations and/or merits promotion. Management determines the amount of salary increase.
  • 18. Employee Benefits Eligibility- Employed Full Time (average of 30 hrs per week) At least 21 years of age Health Plan Eligible employees can participate in one of our health insurance plans. Costs vary depending on plan selected. 401K Retirement Plan Detailed information about plan will be available on the day of hire.
  • 19. Employee Benefits Paid Vacation 10 days each year Accrued from date of hire. If you terminate employment during probationary period, you are not eligible for payment of vacation days upon termination. Sick/Personal Days 12 sick days per year. Accrue 1 sick day per month. 4 personal days per year. Accrue 1 personal day per quarter.
  • 20. Leave Of Absence Personal Leave Death. Family Illness. Personal Health Issues, Employees must be employed for a minimum of 1 year. Military Leave Enlists or is recalled to active duty for more than 14 days. Employees returning from military are eligible for re- employment.
  • 21. Bereavement Leave For a period no more than 5 days, unpaid. Death of an immediate family member. Spouse, Parent, Child, Sibling etc
  • 22. Alcohol Free Workplace Alcohol consumption is prohibited at any time during work, break, or rest periods. Subject to disciplinary action, at managements discretion.
  • 23. Harassment Policy Ensure and maintain a working environment for employees that is free from general and/or sexual harassment. Zero tolerance for any form of harassment by any person. Definition of sexual and general harassment in employee handbook.
  • 24. Issues That May Arise Steps to follow when a problem comes up: Contact direct supervisor Schedule an appointment with Manager Contact owner
  • 25. Disciplinary Procedures The company reserved the right to terminate employees without prior warning for serious actions determined to be inappropriate or detrimental to the business interests of All Glorious Catering under our policy o