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  • 1. Facts About Hair Extensions Hair extensions can be usedwith all types of hair in orderto increase both length andvolume of hair. You can give desired shade toyour hair and get hair style thatyou have always think of. You need not to spend hours ifyou use hair extensions. It is safe and secured way tobeautify yourself.

2. Types of Hair Extensions Hair extensions can be madefrom either Synthetic orHuman hair. Synthetic Hair Extensions areof low quality and made forvarious types o f chemicals anddyes in order to give naturallook. These extensions are easilyavailable in the market near toyou. Price of these hair extensionsare low thus affordable. 3. Human Hair Extensions Human hair extensions can be either non-virgin or virgin. Non-Virgin hair extensions are made from human hair but these are processed and treated by with various types of chemicals and dyes. They do not provide complete natural look to you. These extensions do not provide tensile strength to you hair. These extensions are cheap and easily available in the market near to you. 4. All about Virgin Hair Extensions Hair extensions are made from humanhair that are completely natural anunprocessed by means of any type ofchemicals or dyes. These extensions poses tensile strengthand natural shine. It can be used with clips, glues to joinwith your hair. Price of these extensions is high ascompared to other types of extensions It will give you shade so that no one canidentify that you are using hairextensions. 5. Remy Weave Hair Extensions6029 s. Croft StLos Angeles, Ca - 90056 phone : 877-319-4536