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Before it gets severe, it's always advised to treat hair loss problem seriously. There could be various reasons which you can suffer from this problem for. Understand the reasons and find remedies to keep your confidence level high as always.


  • A

    common scenario

  • 80% men start losing hair in their late 50s. Thanks to

    modern lifestyle, many of them also go bald in their 20s.

    Source: American Hair Loss Association

  • Breaking the hair loss delusion

  • Wearing baseball cap or helmet doesntcause baldness. Neither does

    masturbation or frequent sex cause hair

    loss. Brushing, combing or styling of

    hair never prompts hair loss. However,

    avoid being too harsh with your hair.

    This helps avoid excessive breakage.

  • Say goodbye to cigarettes

  • Many medical studies

    proved that theres astrong relation between

    male pattern baldness and smoking.

    Hence, if you need a good and valid

    reason to give up smoking,

    premature hair loss should satisfy


  • Hair loss Is it a healthy sign?

  • Basically, hair loss or

    alopecia is not an

    indication of a health

    problem; neither does it pose any

    health hazard. However, it has a

    negative impact on your looks and

    personality. Baldness makes you look

    far older than you actually are.

  • Probable reasons behind hair loss

  • Almost 90 percent of male hair loss is

    caused by genetic trait. Either parent

    could be responsible for this. Some

    other popular reasons are takingexcessive vitamin A, lack of sufficient

    protein and some other medical

    conditions. Excessive stress or illness

    may also cause acute hair loss.

  • Retain the existing hair

  • Stopping hair loss is far easier than

    transplanting it once its all gone. If youwant to keep the hair on your head, take

    care before it gets too late. But, stay

    cautious! A majority of the treatments and

    hair loss products are nothing but sham.

    In case of any doubt or suspicion, consult

    a physician or dermatologist.

  • Minoxidil Popular hair loss medicine

  • Even though theres no sure shot way totreat male pattern baldness, one can

    definitely slow down the process with some

    medicines or drugs. An FDA-approved

    medication, Minoxidil, is quite popular. On

    its application to your scalp, it decelerates

    the pace of hair loss in men. The biggest

    disadvantage to this medicine is that when

    you stop applying it, alopecia returns.

  • Male pattern baldness A detailed view

  • The biggest indication of male pattern

    baldness is a thinning, M curved

    hairline. Gradually, the hair on your

    crown starts receding, leaving a bald

    patch on your head. Ultimately, the

    two lines get together, leaving a thin

    section of hair on the sides.

  • Male pattern baldness the hormonal effect

  • In case of male pattern

    baldness, the DHT hormone

    causes hair follicles to contract

    or reduce. Over time, these

    follicles shrivel so much that it

    stops any further growth.

  • Hair loss medicine Finasteride

  • Usually taken as a prescription capsule,

    finasteride decelerates hair loss by

    controlling the production of DHT in the

    body. In some cases, men have also

    noticed growth of new hair. Generally, itsbelieved to work far better than other

    medicines like minoxidil. However, this

    medicine proves effective only till the

    time its used.

  • Does a hairpiece prove beneficial?

  • Wigs or hairpieces have come a long

    way from how they looked a decade

    back. Today, theyre available in arange of quality and cost. However,

    they need regular care and

    maintenance. When buying, make

    sure that you choose one that suits

    your hair texture, thickness and color.

  • Hair transplant Whats that?

  • This is a surgical process where the

    surgeon takes healthy hair follicles from

    the side and back of your head and

    transfer them to the bald portions. After

    a couple of months, you notice new

    growth of hair on your head. Within a

    short time span, your hair starts looking

    normal. You can also style or cut it the

    way you like.

  • Try the hair styling tricks

  • Believe it or not, there are some styling

    techniques that make your bald patches

    less visible. For example, if you cut

    your hair short, you can avoid

    excessive combing. Again, you can use

    styling products that add volume and

    texture to your hair. Above everything,

    follow a healthy diet and handle your

    hair with care.

  • Maintain a positive attitude

  • Although hair forms an important part

    of your personality, it never defines

    your masculinity; rather, good behavior

    and deeds do. Also focus on remaining

    fit and healthy. If youre in good shapeand have full confidence, nothing can

    hamper your personality. So, be positive

    and keep a smile on your face.

  • Long hair. is, in peace, an ornament; in war, a

    strong helmet; it

    deadens the leaden

    thump of a bullet: in

    winter, it is a warm

    nightcap; in summer, a

    cooling fan of feathers.

    Thomas DekkerThe Guls Horne Booke, 1609

  • The Surgical Technique to Restore Hair

    To get an insight into

    what exactly hair

    transplant is, let us

    venture forth on this

    Infographic journey on

    hair transplant.

  • Need More Hair?

    to speak with Dr.

    Maneesh Sonthalia


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