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<ol><li> 1. All about breeding and who is a plant breeder What is this trend of breeding of plants and why has it become so popular these days? Though it has gradually come to light recently, this process which we know as plant breeding has been practised for a thousand years. It is now that many government organisations as well as institutions have started recognising its importance and have taken several efforts for its development. Scientifically speaking, plant breeding is the process of artificially changing the characteristics of certain plants over a period of time. The ultimate objective of this activity is only to increase the productivity or making them more nourished. All plant breeding services have the same goal of increasing the productivity or getting good quality characteristics. This process can also be understood in simple terms. It is more about choosing the best developed and nourished plants in the given field and then further cultivating them for future generations. This is not a onetime process and such selective breeding will eventually change the genetic composition of plant species. One of the primary requirements of plant breeding is to begin with having a multiple types of genetic variation in all the species such that you get to select the best characteristic among all. As a result of breeding through multiple generations, the species that will be evolved will be an enhanced and a better productive one as compared to its parent generations. A plant breeding expert will know exactly which plants to breed and what genetic qualities to look after. There are many professional breeders across UK who provides a wide range of garden services including plant promotional and breeding facilities. For becoming a plant breeding professional, a degree in biological sciences, biotechnology, botany, genetics, agriculture, horticulture or plant science will be a necessary. Moreover, they should have developed great amount of interest in the subject of different plant species and their development. An ideal plant breeder has to have a set of certain qualities like efficient research skills, patience, technical and analytical skills, capability to work independently and nice communication skills. A persistent approach is equally important because there are chances that you have to continue projects for quite a long period of time. They also should be having good coordination and managerial skills because it is possible that they have to deal with other people who are involved in the same project or laboratory. Address: Gooderham Horticulture Ltd 7 Bloomfield Way Debenham, Suffolk IP14 6SJ </li></ol>