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<ul><li><p> ALISON MARKLEY </p><p>4096 Matanzas Drive, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577 | C: 843.267.4924 | </p><p>Education August 2013 Present Clemson University, Clemson SC Bachelor of Science in Bioengineering Concentration Biomaterials Expected Graduation - May 2017 Research &amp; Shadowing Experience Effects of Drinking Water Quality on Kidney Stone Formation Principal Investigators Dr. Edward Landa, PhD University of Maryland Dr. Gregory Taisan, MD, MSc, MSCE The Childrens Hospital of Pennsylvania University Sponsor Dr. David Ladner, PhD Clemson University Responsibilities </p><p>Using professional language to contact water treatment plants in South Carolina to request data from drinking water supplied to residents of a specific zip code. Organized and conducted general analysis of annual trends of various characteristics of drinking water, such as alkalinity, pH, and hardness. </p><p> Trauma Bay Research Greenville Health System Principal Investigator Dr. Meghann Lee Kaiser, MD Trauma Surgery Purpose </p><p>To determine effectiveness of attendings reasoning behind sending patient to CT and whether the initial assessment of injuries was shown by the scans. </p><p>Responsibilities Follow patient to the trauma bay and record attending trauma surgeons assessment of patients injuries. Communicate with attending to determine reasons for sending patient to CT and likelihood of certain injuries. Follow surgical resident and patient to CT and radiology to have the scans read and record the injuries shown by the CT. </p><p> Development of Organic LED for Biomedical Application Principal Investigators Dr. Vladimir Reukov, PhD Clemson University Dmitry Gil, PhD Candidate Clemson University Purpose </p><p>Manufacture a single OLED and implement its durability to create an OLED patch that will emit IR light to activate photosensitive drugs in certain regions of the body. </p><p> Responsibilities Working in lab to synthesize single luminophore with variety of materials to determine best combination for optimal luminophore conditions. </p><p> Shadowing Clinicians (250.25 Hours) </p><p>Shadowed clinicians in the specialties of Pathology, OB/GYN, Family Medicine, General Surgery, Orthopaedic Surgery, Sports Medicine, Urgent Care, Trauma Surgery, and Emergency Medicine </p></li><li><p>Work Experience Magnolia OB/GYN May 2016 Present Medical Scribe </p><p> Responsible for record keeping, documenting, and dictation of office charts and clinical history. Information regarding patient is gathered and presented to the doctor prior to each case. </p><p>Original Benjamins Seafood Buffet Hostess June 2010 June 2013 </p><p> Welcomed customers to the restaurant and provided a tour of what was offered while on the way back the table. </p><p> Interacted with hundreds of customers on a daily basis to ensure the best experience. Waitress June 2013 Present </p><p> Catered to the needs of the customer, including refilling drinks, changing baskets, clearing plates, and helping with any issues that may arise </p><p> Took leadership for large groups of up to 200 people and helped things run smoothly and ensure correct payment. </p><p> Skills Computer / Software Courses taken in the following software specialties with outstanding success in mastering the course material </p><p>MATLAB, ArcGIS, SolidWorks (Certified Associate), LabVIEW, &amp; Microsoft Office </p><p>Languages English (Native) Spanish (Professional Working Proficiency) Academic Achievements Deans List Fall 2015, Spring 2016 Mortar Board National Honor Society 2016-17 Palmetto Fellows Scholarship Awardee 2013-14 Life Scholarship Awardee 2014-17 RE and Judy Whitlock Scholarship Awardee 2015-17 Leadership Positions President - Alpha Omega Epsilon Professional Sorority Mentoring Chair Undergraduate Clemson Bioengineering Society Operations Director TigerPaw Productions Emergency Medicine Committee Leader American Medical Student Association Alumnae Committee Head Alpha Omega Epsilon Professional Sorority Director of Professional Development Clemson Rotaract Club Advocacy Chair Relay for Life Executive Committee Extracurricular Activities Clemson Undergraduate Bioengineering Society September 2014 Present R.I.S.E Community Council September 2013 April 2014 American Medical Student Association November 2014 Present Engineers Without Borders September 2014 April 2015 Clemson Rotaract Club December 2014 Present Clemson Medical Educational Development January 2014 Present Relay for Life Executive Committee August 2015 Present Alpha Omega Epsilon Professional Sorority September 2015 Present Tiger Paw Productions September 2015 Present </p></li></ul>