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Presentation given on webinar 14-02-2012


  • 1. Cloud Connected Content arrives.
  • 2. 2005"Alfresco aimed todisrupt the ECMindustry throughthe power ofopen source
  • 3. The Document ManagementAlfresco Platform Records Management Web Content Services Enterprise Collaboration Open Source Platform
  • 4. Maidenhead, UK Global Headquarters Atlanta, US HeadquartersAlfresco is now the largest open sourcecontent management company in the world.Founded in 2005, with ofces in London & AtlantaOver 3.5 million community downloads250+ global channel partners2,500 customers in 55 countries, including
  • 5. Alfresco is now the largest open sourcecontent management company in the world. 10 month average payback period $1.3 million in IT & training cost savings 53% ROI in three years Flexibility and Open Standards praised
  • 6. People .
  • 7. People move.
  • 8. Your enterprise content is in here somewhere.(its time for a new approach to content management)
  • 9. 2012"Alfresco aims to disrupt the industryagain, with the power of the cloud
  • 10. What is Cloud Connected Content? Accessible from any device phone, tablet, PC Integrated & even synced with other cloud services Easily published to social media channels Collaborated on inside or outside the rewall" Yet, still controlled and administered by the Enterprise
  • 11. Why isnt it available today? Legacy proprietary vendors are trapped in legacy architecture" No true multi-tenanted cloud solution Limited mobile apps No integrations with cloud services or social media Wrong business model for the cloud Up-start, cloud-only vendors lack depth, integration & customization" Simple le sharing Incompatible solution Dont deliver on-premise Wrong business model for behind the rewall
  • 12. IntroducingThe cloud connected content platform.
  • 13. Designed for people A consumer-like, intuitive UI A powerful mobile experience, on iPad & iPhone Integration with any productivity tools New Alfresco in the cloud (beta)
  • 14. Accessible anywhere Browse Search Download View Socialize Edit Email Upload & Tag View activities iPad & iPhone Open Source
  • 15. Content gets"Socialized like content sort on popularity post comments follow your favorite content creators see & lter content activity streams
  • 16. Social publishing directly to Central Credentials Management Add social publishing to your content workow Add multiple & future channels Publish content and linked status updates Publishing History where & when
  • 17. built on a strong foundation 10x faster* user dashboard queries 3-4x faster content uploads 25% faster loading the Document Library 50% faster loading Document Details Better than linear scalability * Improvements over Alfresco Enterprise 3.4
  • 18. Corporate Systems Desktop WebDAV CMIS CMIS JSR-168 CIFS Connectors SharePoint Protocol Social Media Channels CMIS Mobile Open Web APIs WebDAV Open Web Web Services APIs CMIS-based Public Alfresco Cloud CMIS Alfresco Sync
  • 19. Cloud Connected Content roadmap Alfresco Alfresco Alfresco Alfresco EnterpriseMobile app in the cloud in the cloud Cloud Sync launches beta launches GA released OCT 2011 FEB 2012 SPRING 2012 SEP 2011 JAN 2012 SPRING 2012 SUMMER 2012 Alfresco Alfresco Alfresco Community 4 Enterprise 4 Dropbox released launches integration released
  • 20. Free 1 Terabyte in the cloud For existing Alfresco customers or new customers who subscribe to Alfresco Enterprise 4 by Feb 29th, 2012
  • 21. Questions? Cloud Offer Download the Forrester TEI study Download Alfresco Enterprise


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