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<p>Tips on how to avoid the top scams of 2015 by Alfa One Corporation Accounting SolutionsFounded in Malaysia, Alfa One Corporation Accounting Solutions provides complete accounting and financial solutions. And as a part of its yearly review on issues regarding tax scams, it provides the top scams of 2015 which includes basic ways on how to avoid them. This year, incidents of scams have been reported on the news almost every day. So Alfa One Corporation Accounting Solutions provided some tips on how to steer clear of the top scams of 2015 since scammers use different ways every year to try to steal taxpayers hard-earned money.Do you ever experience receiving an unexpected call from someone claiming to be from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)? And after some short introduction, he or she will tell you that you owe them money and you need to pay via a pre-paid debit card or wire transfer?Given above is a good example of the first type of scam to become aware of. Alfa One Corporation Accounting Solutions called it the impersonator scam. The scammer may provide you a fake IRS badge number, or change the caller ID to make it look like hes really calling from the agency.In addition, the scam artist might even threaten you with arrest, deportation or suspension of a business or drivers license if you dont submit to his terms. He may also say that youre owed a tax refund. This is an attempt to obtain your private information.In order to avoid this scam, please keep in mind that the IRS will never request personal or financial information through phone, and wont ask for payment using a pre-paid debit card or wire transfer.The second type of scam involves the phisherman. Phishing is a fraudulent attempt made through email to steal your personal information. Phishing emails usually appear to come from a well-known organization just like the IRS. The fake emails require you to update your e-file as soon as possible, and include a link to a website aimed at copying the official IRS website.To avoid this scam, Alfa One Corporation Accounting Solutions suggests that once you receive this kind of emails, you mustnt reply and dont open any attachments because they may contain malicious code that may infect your computer or mobile phone. You mustnt also click on any links on those emails. Forward the email as-is at then delete the original email.The third type of scam is identity theft. According to Alfa One Corporation Accounting Solutions reviews, identity thieves use your Social Security number to file a tax return and steal your money. They may use various methods in obtaining your sensitive information such as dumpster diving, mail interception, malware, phishing, purse snatching, and shoulder surfing.Never give your Social Security number out unless its absolutely necessary. Also monitor your credit report, and secure your electronic and physical files to prevent this type of scam from happening.The fourth type of scam to watch out for is the fake charities. Scammers often target taxpayers who are interested in donating to tax-deductible charities after a tragic incident due to natural calamities, etc. You might receive a call for financial information or funds, or an email directing you to a phony website that solicits money to help the victims. Scam artists might even use a name that sounds just like a legitimate charity or claim an affiliation with one. Alfa One Corporation Accounting Solutions suggests that you use the Exempt Organizations Select Check tool at to find qualified charities to donate to in order to avoid charity scams. Dont give your personal information to solicitors and dont send cash to anyone.The fifth type of tax scam that you should be careful of is the fraudulent tax preparer. Some scammers pose as tax preparers and promise large refunds. They often target those who dont have to file and those who dont speak English, tricking them into claiming phony benefits, rebates or tax credits. They might even file a false tax return in the victims names.Scammers also target those with a filing requirement by promising inflated refunds due to bogus credits and Social Security benefits. They will not give you a copy of your tax return, and might also deposit your money into their bank accounts and deduct a sizable fee before giving you the rest. Alfa One Corporation Accounting Solutions recommends that you should be very careful when hiring a tax preparer, choose someone who asks for proof of income and eligibility for credits and deductions, enters his IRS Preparer Tax Identification Number, provides a copy of your return, and signs your return as the preparer.Keep in mind the safety tips provided by Alfa One Corporation Accounting Solutions to avoid the top scams of 2015.Summary: For over two decades, the financial experts of Alfa One Corporation Accounting Solutions have provided a one-stop financial-services source in management of business practice, tax and financial planning, accounting, transition, investment counseling and retirement planning consultancy especially for the dental industry in Malaysia, Tokyo and Hong Kong. Since our company started its operations, dentists have relied on our knowhow, expertise, and experience to help them attain their business and personal objectives with excellent results. Our well-trained staff of Certified Public Accountants, Certified Financial Planners, accountants and bookkeepers are ready to provide dentists the assistance they require on a day-to-day arrangement. We aim to enhance all our clients' financial productivity as well as the quality of life.</p>