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Alexander the Great. Weapons. Gastraphetes Oxybeles Siege Towers. Clean up before you leave!. Before leaving for Persia Put down rebellions Illyrians, Thracians and Greeks Show Greeks you mean business The slaughter at Thebes 6,000 civilians killed 30,000 sold into slavery. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great Gastraphetes


Siege Towers


Before leaving for PersiaPut down rebellionsIllyrians, Thracians and Greeks Show Greeks you mean businessThe slaughter at Thebes 6,000 civilians killed 30,000 sold into slaveryClean up before you leave!

25,000 Macedonians, 7,600 Greeks, and 7,000 Thracians and Illyrians - chief officers were all Macedonians

The CampaignGranicusPersian and Greek forces (20,000 each)Alexander slaughtered the Greek forces punitively 18,000 killed the rest slaves

GordiumThe knot

The Campaign - Battles

IssusLeading the charge!A sizable force or Darius IIIs is destroyedDarius himself at the battle escapes leaving wife and children

The Campaign - Battles

Egypt satrap (Persian governor) surrendered without a fightAlexander at the templeWanted to be named son of Ahmon-ra (sun god)Got his wishRe-enforced his belief that he was a godAlexander in Egypt (331 BCE)

Guagemela en-route to BabylonHonorable battle planDarius III driven off againBabylon captured and Persia officially done

The Campaign Continues

To win support in new landsWore Persian dress to ceremonyAllowed Persian Governors in new landsEncouraged his men to marry Persian women

Caused unrest among some officials Alexander heard of plots to kill himHas senior officer Parmenio and his son killed for alleged involvement in a conspiracy caused further unrestOther famous murders including his good friend Cleitus!Orientalization

326 BCE Hydaspes Sneak landing encirclement panicking cornered (200)Elephants!Thank goodness for sarisas!

Campaign Continues - India

wounded in battle army to return home

Return was a disaster March through the desert in mid summerThousands of troops die from heat and exhaustion

Campaign Turns Back

During the trip home, Alexander dies (33) after spiking a high fever exact cause is unknownLeft no designated successorAnarchy as various regions rebelled and sought power within the new empire

Alexanders Death and Legacy