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  • 7/30/2019 Alexander Crockett UX Portfolio 2013


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    Alexander Crockett

    Portfolio & Work

  • 7/30/2019 Alexander Crockett UX Portfolio 2013


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    3. About Me4. Capabilities5. Approaches

    6. Understanding Users7. Proles, Personas & User Stories

    8. Experience Maps & Mental Models9. Use Cases & Use Case Diagrams

    10. Designing Systems11. Flows, System Logic, & Diagrams12. Storyboards & Interactions13. Layout Patterns & Wireframes

    14. Things People Have Said


  • 7/30/2019 Alexander Crockett UX Portfolio 2013


    T: +1323 559 1607 E: W:

    I am a User Experience Architect. I use research methods tohelp dene systems and help people engage with servicesonline. I take a holistic approach and have worked acrossmultiple devices: from desktop and mobile to tablet and

    TV. I advocate storytelling to describe a user s experience.My approach is a led by service thinking, ethnography,contextual and task based analysis.

    Projects have included work with Blitz, Rosetta, TBWA/ChiatDay, Precedent, Genex, Phenomenon and now my own (andyour) projects as well as work with Microsoft Game Studios,Computer Associates, The British Heart Foundation, severalNHS Health Authorities, The Financial Services Authority,

    Acura and Ford.

    I started with studies in psychology, art and communicationstudies and post-graduate studies in research methods inthe social sciences. Whilst studying I specialized in visualcognition. I used specialized research software to buildexperiments that study how we understand visual stimuli tomake better decisions. I later taught the use of this softwareto other post-graduates.

    I was interested in the pre-conscious processes that govern how we interdisplays to make decisions. After conducting a review of the available litethe human visual system and relying on my studies of human visual proceI designed a piece of research that measured the role stimuli in the enviroplay on our ability to make accurate decisions.

    I created an experiment that presented cues in a series of conditions. Bymeasuring reaction times and accuracy I found results that have directimplications on HCI and the way in which we think about decision making

    About Me

  • 7/30/2019 Alexander Crockett UX Portfolio 2013


    T: +1323 559 1607 E: W:

    1. ResearchI have successfully used a range of research methods to solve dierent kinds ofproblems at dierent points in the design and strategy portions of a project. Theseinclude the use of methods such as:

    - Interviews- Focus Groups- Card Sorting

    - Ethnographic and eld research- User testing- Heuristic Evaluations

    - Best Practice Reports- Trend Analysis

    2. Information Design & Information ArchitectureFrom the early stages of projects I analyse and map how information will be usedacross systems. I do this using tools that include:

    - Sitemaps- Taxonomy & Ontology Models- Mental Models

    - Content Audits

    - Object Attribute Analyses

    3. Interaction DesignWhen I design a system I start with a framework for the design of the system. Thisincludes specifying the functionality, interactions and patterns that will be used. Ithen:

    - Create sketches of the system- Create system and ow diagrams- Create wireframes

    4. Systems Design & StrategyFor me UX is about systems and not interfaces. I therefore take a systems wideview thinking about the ecosystem and the environment of use. The tools I use todescribe and think about these systems include

    - Service Blueprints and Experience Maps

    - Flow Diagrams- Use Case Diagrams- User Stories


  • 7/30/2019 Alexander Crockett UX Portfolio 2013


    T: +1323 559 1607 E: W:





    InterviewsFocus Groups

    Card SortingAnalytics


    AnalysisMental ModTask Analy


    Use Cases




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    Dene User Experience begins by dening the scope and nature of the

    solutions it will design to. This includes the nature and scope of the

    requirements for both business and user.

    In this denition phase I conduct research, create requirementsand produce models and mappings that will inform functionality,screens and goals that the system I am designing must accountfor. These mappings can include experience maps, use cases, ows,information design, service design and strategies and concepts thatwill help realize a system.

    Design I typically design in between two and three phases depending on

    the projects scope. My approach is based on my experience ofproject requirements. The rst phase of design is always done inbroad strokes. Future iterations rene designs and where it helps Ibuild prototypes.

    Specication, Testing & IterationFinally I build detailed specications. Where testing is required Iprovide plans and conduct usability tests.

    Iteration is something that is always accounted for. Through aexible approach to projects, processes and designs I make sure Iam always on hand to work through the nal and next stages of anyproject I am working on.

  • 7/30/2019 Alexander Crockett UX Portfolio 2013


    T: +1323 559 1607 E: W:

    Understanding Users

  • 7/30/2019 Alexander Crockett UX Portfolio 2013


    T: +1323 559 1607 E: W:

    Proles:By building proles I have helped develop an understanding of users values,goals and aspirations. Knowing these helps think and design to user needs

    and dene the way in which technologies can support the things people do.

    By understanding the limitations that exist for a group of people I havehelped identify the constraints people have. This has helped build commonunderstanding about innovations will help or hinder people.

    Proles also act as a context from which we can all map ideas. Primarily,proles I develop have acted as a communication tool through the projectprocess.

    Personas:I have created many personas and have worked on projects in whichthe goal was the creation of personas and projects where personas havesupported design. Personas inform design and business decisions, groundingthem in a common understanding.

    Stories:I use stories and scenarios as a starting place for design. A scenario cancover a lot of ground prior to working through use cases and ows. Theyalso help identify important parts of a system early.

    Proles, Personas & User Stories



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    Likes Variety

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