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  • Coarse Bubble Diffuser

    AirOmegaTM coarse bubble diffuser is the most efficient equipment to mix high solid content liquids from sludge digester (up to 8% solid concentration). It typically provides half the mass transfer of oxygen as compared to fine bubble diffusers, given the same air volume. They are typically used in air stripper chamber, grit chambers, equalization basins, chlorine contact tanks, aerobic digesters, and also in aeration tanks.

    High mixing capability through high energy cross-flow current generation • from extended diffuser length (up to 2.5 m long per diffuser) Clog-free design• Stainless steel fabrication 304 L • Leveling adjustment•

  • The strength of Premier Tech Aqua Over 40 000 Ecoflo• ® installations Over 100 000 peripheral products sold• Over 900 project referrals in commercial, communal, institutional, municipal and industrial applications• Documented system traceability, inspection, maintenance, and follow-up• More than 2 500 partners• Team of 25 experts entirely dedicated to IR&D• Presence in North America, Europe and Asia• Treatment performance surpassing regulatory requirements•

    The information contained in this document is based upon the latest information available at the time of publication and is designed to provide you with a general introduction to our products. We make no warranties or representations as to its accuracy. We are continually upda ting and improving our products and reserve the right to amend, discontinue, alter or change specifications and prices without prior notice.

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    What kind of wastewater are you treating?

    Features and Benefits

    Pulp & Paper Mills• Food & Meat Processing• Municipal •

    Proven non-clog air diffuser • Independent air connection to each diffuser• Stainless steel fabrication• Levelling adjustment• Available sizes from 2-14 feet• A.S.C.E. procedure evaluated oxygenation capacity•

    Dairies• Breweries• Wineries•

    High mixing capability through high energy cross-flow • High oxygen transfer• Superior mixing and aeration• Large surface coverage by each aerator•

    AirOmegaTM air supplyAirOmegaTM for sludge tankAirOmegaTM for SBR

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