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<p>AIR POLLUTION</p> <p>Prepared By:1. Patel Mit R.(140760109044)2. Polara Aarika(140760109046)3. Prajapati Pravesh(140760109047)4. Patel Mit K.(140760109043)</p> <p>Guide By.:Prof. Miten Godhania &amp;Prof. Kakadiya Krishna </p> <p>Water polltion &amp; Air pollution</p> <p>What kinds of pollution are there?</p> <p>AIR POLLUTION Air pollution is defined as the presence of unwanted and undesirable foreign particles and gases in the air which may have adverse effects on human beings , plants , vegetation's and important structures. Air pollution is of public health concern and can occur as :1. Indoor air pollution Micro scale2.Outdoor air pollution Meso scale3.Air pollution at global level Macro scale</p> <p>PollutionWhat does it look like?</p> <p>Air pollution How WhyA cloud of smoke from the exhaust of a vehicleIncreasing trafficIndustrializationGrowing citiesApathetic peopleRapid economic developmentCigarette smokeBurning leaves</p> <p>water pollution HowToxic substances dissolve in water or gets deposited on the bed.Toxic substances enter lakes, rivers, streams, etc.Pollutants go down into the ground. SourcesCity sewageIndustrial wasteAgricultural run-off</p> <p>AIR POLLUTIONAccording to W.H.O, an increase in any of the constituents of the atmosphere which is harmful to the living beings and their environment, is known as air pollution </p> <p>The view from the space</p> <p>Causes of Air PollutionPhoto Chemical SmogPhoto Chemical Smog</p> <p> Smog</p> <p>Burning of Fire Wood Chimneys</p> <p>Liberty StatueEffect on human healthEffects on vegetation.Effects on building and monuments.</p> <p>Effects of Air Pollution</p> <p>St. Paul Cathedral </p> <p>Control of Air Pollution. Air pollution can be controlled by a thorough understanding of its causes.Establishment of industries away from the towns and cities.Increasing the length of the chyeysmn in industries.Growing more plants and trees.Use of efficient engines in automobiles.Use of smokeless choola.Use of petrol without lead (Unleaded petrol) </p> <p>.Vanamohotsava should be organized in the right spirit . The UNO must stop nuclear tests </p> <p>WATER POLLUTIONEffluent from various industries, Sewage containing domestic waster and pesticides from agricultural lands are finding their way into water bodies leading to water pollution. </p> <p>Causes of Water Pollution: Water pollution is mainly due to the following causes.</p> <p>Causes of Water Pollution: Water pollution is mainly due to the following causes.Industrial wastes Sewage waterAgricultural wastes Release of Superheated water Addition of waste and oil from refineries </p> <p>Oil RefineriesSewage water </p> <p>Water Pollution</p> <p>Effects of Water PollutionIndustrial pollutants like mercury, chromium, cadmium and lead are poisonous. They are also capable of entering the food chains and cause diseases in man, Mercury is known to cause a disease called Minimart.Organ chlorine pesticides like D.D.T. in the agricultural wastes are non-degradable and move along the food chains. It may lead to bio magnification.Some industrial effluents can cause changes in color, odor and taste of water in the natural water bodies. Contamination of water also leads to spread of water borne diseases such as cholera, amoebiasis and other diseases.</p> <p>Control of Water Pollution </p> <p>Sewage Treatment </p> <p>Air solution Encourage your family to walk moreTake the school busReduce the amount of spray bottlesDo not burn leaves in your yard- put them in a compost</p> <p>Keep your family cars in tunePut catalytic converters on carsShare your room with others when the air conditioner is onTake care of your trees</p> <p>Water solution</p> <p>Keep lakes cleanTake your used motor oil to a drop off placeUse latex paint instead of oil and rinse your brushes in the sink rather than the yardFill a spray bottle with soapy water instead of bug sprayPlant trees to prevent soil erosionKeep litter, pet waste, leaves, and grass clippings out of gutters and storm drains.</p> <p> Reduce</p> <p> Reuse</p> <p>Recycle</p> <p>Thank you</p>