Air conditioning TISK2 - Systemair ?· Chilled water 9.4–56.2 kW 410A 410A 410A ... dling units with…

Download Air conditioning TISK2 - Systemair ?· Chilled water 9.4–56.2 kW 410A 410A 410A ... dling units with…

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  • Air ConditioningLight Commercial, Commercial and Industrial

    Chiller, Close control and Water terminals

  • Systemair Trust

    We consider your trust in us as a supplier an important goal. It is always included in our work on all levels and in all areas whether it is a question of cooperation, quality, deliveries or documentation. This catalogue is of course a part of this work.

    With this catalogue, which features products of air conditioning, we want to give you as a customer a general overview of what Systemair can offer within this field. More detailed information is available in our Online catalogue at and as downloadable software. Systemairs range of fans, air dis-tribution products and accessories also appears in our printed main catalogue.

    Our product development leads the field - latest technologies in unitdesign, fans, motors, heat recovery, chillers, fan coils,... interact to give high efficiency and with that low power consumption. Systemair has grown each year since the start and we aim to continue with this trend.

    Systemair strives to be a reliable supplier of quality products. We help our customers to focus on their own business. Reliable deliveries give the customer greater possibilities to quickly complete a job, and move on to the next project.

    At Systemair we call this Trust.

    Systemair 2011. Systemair reserves the right to make technical changes. For updated documentation, please refer to

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    ContentSystemair 2

    Product Range 4

    Application 6

    Air Cooled Chiller, Heat Pumps 7

    AQH DCI 2030 8AQL 2035 10AQL 4075 12AQH 2035 16AQH 4075 18AQVSL 85160 22AQVSH 85160 26AQVL 85140 30AQVH 85140 34VLS 5241204 38VLH 5241204 44AQWL 14042406 50AQWH 14042406 56AQSL 26124212 62SLS STD/HE 14028404 68

    Water Cooled Chiller, Heat Pumps and Condenserless 85

    WQL/WQH/WQRC 20190 86WQL/WQH/WQRC 524-1204 94RWC/RWR 170360 96SWS/SWR 16024802 99

    Hydrokit HPT 104

    Condensing Unit 107

    AQC 4075 108AQVC 85140 112VLC 5241204 116AQWC 14042406 122

    Close control 127

    CW 128CD 129MD 130CG 131

    Water Terminals 133


    3671 kW 4077 kW

    134300 kW 150336 kW

    360602 kW 418702 kW

    21193 kW 23211 kW

    1936 kW

    380634 kW

    154347 kW

    2029 kW 1926 kW 410A

    4076 kW1833 kW 1733 kW

    82157 kW75152 kW 83167 kW84137 kW 410A81129 kW 92146 kW137308 kW

    602908 kW 134a2931687 kW

    161312 kW 407C2721118 kW 134a

    4385 kW 92151 kW

    428715 kW

    150-380 kW 170-420 kW

    5153 kW407C1022.1 kW

    18.364.1 kW

    Chilled water

    9.456.2 kW







  • 22

    Systemair worldwide

    2 | Systemair

    Skinnskatteberg, Sweden: Systemair AB, the Systemair group head offi ce is in Skinnskatteberg, Sweden. The production is virtually fully automated with modern machin-ery featuring advanced computer support. Also located here is the company's most advanced test installation for measuring technical data.

    Windischbuch, Germany: Production facility for fans and modular air han-dling units, specialized on engineered products (e.g. tunnel and jet fans). Distribution center.

    Hssleholm, Sweden: VEAB is the leading European manufacturer of electric duct heaters. Production of heating and cooling coils, electric and water based.

    Ukmerge, Lithuania :Production of smaller air handling units with energy recovery systems.

    Maribor, Slovenia: Specialized in centrifugal smoke extract fans, EN certifi ed.

    Hasselager, Denmark: Production of modular air handling units.

    Bratislava, Slovakia: The factory in Bratislava manufactures air distribution products and EN certifi ed fi re and smoke dampers.

  • 3

    Save energy, lower running cost!Our label "Green Ventilation" features products with a high energy saving potential.All products labelled with "Green Ventilation" combine energy economy with energy effi ciency.

    Quality:Systemair is certifi ed in accordance with ISO 9001; ISO 14001 and ATEX. Our research and develop-ment laboratories are one of the most modern in Europe; measurements are made in accordance with international standards like AMCA and ISO.

    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    Skinnskatteberg, SwedenHssleholm, Sweden

    Ukmerge, Lithuania

    Bratislava, SlovakiaMaribor, Slovenia

    Windischbuch, Germany

    Madrid, Spain

    Hasselager, Denmark

    Kansas City, USA

    Dal, Eidsvoll, Norway

    Bouctouche, Canada

    Systemair | 3

    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia :Manufacturing of products for the Asian market.

    Madrid, Spain: Production of air handling units.

    Dal, Eidsvoll, Norway: Production of air handling units for the Norwegian market.

    New Delhi, India: The factories in New Delhi and Noida manufacture grilles and diffusers.

    Bouctouche, Canada: Our main North American production facility of air handling units and inline fans for commercial and residential applications is loca-ted in Bouctouche.

    Kansas City, USA: Production of fans for the US market.

    Milan, Italy: Our factory in Italy, Systemair AC, develops and manufactures a wide range of air conditioner.

    Istanbul, Turkey:Production of air handling units.

    New Delhi, India

    Hyderabad, India

    Milano, ItalyIstanbul, Turkey

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    Duct fansDuct fans for circular duct installation.

    Roof fans Roof fans with circular or square con-nection.

    Rectangular duct fansDuct fans with rectangular connec-tion.

    Centrifugal fansCentrifugal supply single fans.

    Axial fansAxial fans for duct or wall application.

    Square duct fansFor different applications, there are models for ambient with high tem-perature.

    Jet Axial FansJet Axial Fans for car park, tunnels and air overpression.


    Systemair has the wider range of fans for use in different applications.Our range includes any type of fans, from circular ducts hystorical product boxed up to those of extraction, axial, and explosion-proof for the extraction of fumes. All products listed above are made in different dimensions from 100 mm in diameter to fans of large size for tunnel. All our fans are designed to meet the strict requirements, easy to use, high quality and durability.

    Product range

    Explosion proof fansExplosion proof fans in duct, roof or wall design.

    High temperature fansSystemair provides high fire resis-tance fans till 600C/2 hours.

    | Product range

    Systemair has an extensive range of ventilation products: fans including smoke extract, tunnel and car park fans, explosion proof fans, air handling units from large central units to small residential units with energy recovery, air distribution products and fire dampers. These products are installed in a variety of locations, including homes, offices, healthcare premises, shops, industrial buildings, tunnels, parking garages, training facilities, sports centres etc.

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    Air distribution products

    The range also includes a wideselection of air distribution productsand accessories.

    Water terminals

    The strengh point of Systemair water terminals is a wide range and configurations (2 pipes, 4 pipes), wide control system and accessories selection.

    Nozzle diffusersOptimum flexibility and comfort in airdistribution for rooms.

    Supply, extract & transfer devicesFor mounting in ceilings or walls.

    Residential ventilation

    Complete energy-efficient air han-dling units with heat recovery and built in control systems. Designed to be mounted over the cooker, on walls or horizontally in attics.

    Residential unitsFor homes with living areas of 60-320 m2.

    Cooker hoodsIdeal for capturing odours even at low airfl ows.

    Fire and smoke dampers Smoke extract fansHigh efficient fans to extract the combustion smoke.

    Fire & smoke dampersDampers that reduce the spread ofsmoke and fire.

    Air handling unitsSystemair produces a wide range of air handling units for several ap-plications, from small office to large industrial building. All range is been developped to satisfy strict needs of low energy consumption.

    Product range |

  • 6 | Applications


    OfficesIn buildings for tertiary application, the air conditioning and the ventilation are necessary during the day. The heat loads to be removed are generally generated by people present, from the lighting system, from solar radia-tion and by machines. Normally it is necessary the use of

    chillers, Heat Pump to produce cold and/or hot water to be sent to hy-dronic (fan coils, cassettes, ducted) to obtain an optimum air conditioning of offices.

    SchoolsIn buildings for school, the load to be disposed is variable during the day due to the presence of people only for some periods, thus it is mandatory to control the users requirements dur-ing daily plant use. Systemair offers a wide range of equipment suitable for

    this purpose, the fan coils with EC mo-tors allow to obtain the required flex-ibility.

    Commercial buildingsNormally the number of people vari-es continuously; the optimal solution would be to use machinery for the conditioning with variable flow and with constant monitoring of concen-tration of pollutants (VOC and CO).

    Systemair ACs products can easily meet the plants requirement .

    IndustryIndustrial plants generate a large amount of heat that must be dissi-pated in the appropriate way. Systemair AC offers a wide range of products (chillers from 20 kW


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