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<ul><li><p>aiesec singapore information booklet</p><p>challenge yourselfactivate your potential</p></li><li><p>about aiesec</p><p>AIESEC is the global youth network impacting the world through leadership development experiences. AIESEC has been facilitating youth leadership activities as well as international internships &amp; volunteer experiences for over 65 years, developing a global learning environment across 124 countries &amp; territories.</p><p>50international internship experiences delivered4local chapters in Singapore (NTU, NUS, SMU and SIM)</p><p>42years of developing global youth leadership in Singapore21countries that our participants have interned in</p><p>about aiesec singapore</p></li><li><p>programme descriptionGlobal Talent is a global internship programme that provides youths with a professional internship experience with AIESECs corporate partners overseas.</p><p>By creating internship opportunities in different countries and across various industries, the programme seeks to bring holistic self-development including enriching cultural and professional experiences to prepare youths for their future career challenges.</p><p>what can you gain?</p><p>Develop your leadership skills and competencies and enhance your self-awareness</p><p>Engage in an international working environment and develop a global business mindset</p><p>Immerse yourself in the local culture and customs and develop an extensive personal network abroad</p><p>key detailsEligibility: Students or recent graduates (within 2 </p><p>years) of a tertiary institution in Singapore 18-30 years old</p><p>With AIESECs global network, experience our integrated support system whilst on your exchange</p><p>Duration:6 months to 18 months long</p></li><li><p>application process</p><p>1. application</p><p>3. match</p><p>2. selection</p><p>4. experience</p><p>Find out more and apply for the Global Talent programme through our website ( applying, please specify the local committee nearest to you and they will contact you (within 3 business days) subsequently regarding the selection process.</p><p>The selection process will assess your suitability for the Global Talent programme and internships available. This will ensure that you gain a high-quality leadership experience and receive the best AIESEC support possible.</p><p>Begin your Global Talent experience by attending our induction to learn more about the life-changing experience that you will embark on! Your Exchange Participant Manager will assist you in the matching process to the internship of your interest.</p><p>During your experience, AIESEC will offer support and resources. Close your experience by attending Re-Integration Seminar to reflect on your personal development and learn how you can best showcase this valuable experience.</p></li><li><p>fields available</p><p>marketingitBring your marketing skills to the next level by working in an international environment</p><p>Enhance your IT skills through a practical and diverse professional working experience</p><p>destinations available destinations available</p><p>taiwan hongkong</p><p>japan</p><p>india</p><p>Scope: Database Management Mobile Technology Network Management &amp; </p><p>Data Transmission Software Development &amp; </p><p>Programming Systems Analysis &amp; </p><p>Design Telecommunications Web Applications Web Development and </p><p>Management Web Hosting Web Services</p><p>Scope: International Marketing Market Research &amp; </p><p>Evaluation Digital Marketing Retail &amp; Sales Marketing</p><p>mainland ofchina</p><p>mainlandof china</p><p>belgium</p></li><li><p>sample opportunities</p><p>Job DescriptionBe familiar with operating community websites, and enthusiastic with joining community events. Using Internet Marketing to promote branding and activities of Sokoos (The company)</p><p>Play the role of the agency between the Sokoos company and company of the interns discuss partnership. The intern has to visit the company which Sokoos will cooperate with in his/her country before the intern comes to Taiwan Be good at communicating with people, and be familiar with interesting activities of the interns country. Also, be able to create characteristic activities for foreign promotion Use your native language and national background well to promote the company in your country. And create appropriate strategy to promote the company with your familiarity about your country</p><p>SalaryUSD 833/month</p><p>sokoostaiwan</p><p>Job DescriptionParticipate in the development of overseas promotion program</p><p>Contact responsible for overseas technology media , press follow-up</p><p>Overseas mainstream technology community, social media, online operations and promotion</p><p>Overseas business development oriented mainstream APP</p><p>Overseas collecting user feedback to help improve the product optimization</p><p>Developer Services to expand overseas markets downstream products cooperation</p><p>SalaryRMB 4,500/month (approximately SGD 970)</p><p>fir.immainland of china</p></li><li><p>sample opportunities</p><p>Job DescriptionSupport and execute innovation marketing strategy on virtual platform</p><p>Design and prepare product promotion material</p><p>Understanding customer business processes and gathering requirements from and understanding needs of customers</p><p>Managing project timelines and customers prior to deployments</p><p>Supporting customers by email and phone with their inquiries</p><p>SalaryUSD 1548/month</p><p>super-x sportswear limitedhong kong</p><p>Job DescriptionComplete the development and optimization of Android or iOS platforms in a team environment</p><p>Be involved in the planning of the companys product roadmap and android or IOS technology upgrade, version updates</p><p>Complete development work together with the back-end</p><p>Conduct testing and trouble-shooting</p><p>Conduct system optimization and data optimization with regard to the companys Android or IOS applications; be involved in mobile app design, programming and development work</p><p>Together with product managers to carefully study user feedback and constantly improve user experience</p><p>SalaryRMB 4,500/month (approximately SGD 970)</p><p>sheng tai hua xia technology co., ltd.mainland of china</p></li><li><p>sample opportunities</p><p>Job DescriptionBuilding new modules &amp; features - frontend ExtJS and backend Node.JS but workload will be tuned to your skill &amp; performanceLearning the architecture of ARGUS Supply ChainAttending brainstorm sessions &amp; meetings to define and improve architectureSupporting on customer implementationsDocumenting progress &amp; application functionality</p><p>SalaryUSD 2,450/month</p><p>slick software solutionsbelgium</p><p>Job DescriptionTo work out &amp; develop automation solutions for the identified taskTo test and validate automation solution in test / production environmentTo deploy the solution successfully in the production environment To ensure continuous usage and fine tuning of the solutionTo be part of the team and to complete the assigned task</p><p>SalaryUSD 550/month</p><p>tata consultancy servicesindia</p><p>Job DescriptionApplication development in Python/Golang/Erlang using Amazon Web Services/Google App EngineInternship will be within the Cloud Product Development division</p><p>SalaryJPY 150,000 (approximately SGD 1,720)</p><p>hde, inc.japan</p></li><li><p>testimonials</p><p>The company I was working for does IT Consulting businesses, and its name is Global Partner Technology. This internship led me to the real world of Japanese business world. Thanks to the internship, I was exposed to the workaholic side of me, now I know how much time and effort I am willing to put into work. When my boss introduced me to the person in charge of the companys branch in Singapore, I knew that he recognized my work and my efforts in the 2 months paid off.</p><p>Wu Xuejun, Nanyang Technological University, Japan</p><p>The internship provides me a completely new working environment, work scope as well as a new living environment and culture. There is always something different and new outside the sphere that we are used to. When we adopt changes and try something we have never tried before, we do not only enhance our experience, but also enrich our life.</p><p>Lin Shijun, Nanyang Technological University, Germany</p></li><li><p>customise your experienceThere are other available internships that focus on other fields and in other countries in the AIESEC network. However, the availability of these fields are not guaranteed and internship placements are highly competitive.</p><p>When applying for Global Talent, state your preference for the field that you would like to work on and regions you are interested in and well let you know if its possible!</p><p>With great opportunities for Marketing in Taiwan, Mainland of China and Hong Kong and IT in Japan and India, why look anywhere else?</p><p>The Global Talent programme will provide you with a challenging and enriching experience, no matter which field you work on or which country you go to.</p></li><li><p>pricing &amp; benefitsapplication fee: $100matching fee: $415total programme fee: $515*$415 to be paid upon successful match with an internship placement</p><p>AIESEC is a not-for-profit organisation. This fee is taken to cover our administrative processes to keep us financially sustainable so we can continue to provide high-quality leadership experiences</p><p>what does it cover?</p><p>costs to consider</p><p>Matching SupportSupport from AIESEC Local Committee in Singapore to match you to an ideal internship and virtual support while you are abroad</p><p>Exchange Preparation SeminarStart your leadership development experience and get prepared before you embarkExchange SupportSupport from AIESEC Local Committees in Singapore and host country to assist you in your exchange experience Visa ApplicationSupport and provision of documents necessary for the visa application process</p><p>Re-Integration SeminarClose off your global internship experience and complete your leadership development journey</p><p>Housing</p><p>Food</p><p>Travel</p><p>Visa Fees</p><p>Medical</p><p>Insurance**The internship salary depends both on the standard of living in each country and the company size, but all basic expenses will be covered by the salary</p></li><li><p>faq1. how long does the programme application process take?It will take around 3 weeks from your application to be accepted into the Global Talent Programme. After you are accepted into the programme, your Exchange Participant Manager will assist you in searching and applying for internships available.</p><p>For each opportunity that you apply, there will be around 3 rounds of interviews conducted by the host AIESEC entity and the host company, if you are shortlisted. The entire time it takes before you start your internship also depends on visa processing time, which differs according to the country that you are interning in.</p><p>4. where can i go for the global talent programme? is it available in all countries that aiesec is present in?The are opportunities available in most of the countries that AIESEC is present in. We require flexibility from our programme participants in terms of selecting a country to go to.</p><p>Currently, we are partners with AIESEC in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Mainland of China, Japan and Belgium for internships starting in May-July. We strongly encourage all programme participants to select projects in these countries for faster process higher quality exchange experience better cultural preparation and support to enable </p><p>you to excel in your internship experience abroad</p><p>2. how many internships can i participate in?You are free to participate in more than 1 internship depending on your own preferences and time availability. However, each administrative fee payment only entitles you to participate in 1 internship.</p><p>3. how will aiesec support me?One of the main benefits of going on exchange with AIESEC is the extensive support that you will receive from our global network, even when you are in a foreign country.</p></li><li><p>contact us</p><p>NTU NUS</p><p>SMU SIMTAKE ON THE WORLD AND</p><p>BE A GLOBAL TALENT!</p><p>APPLY NOW:</p><p>AIESECSGGlobalTalent</p><p></p><p>for more information:</p><p></p></li><li><p>ACTIVATEDEVELOPLEARNCHALLENGEDISCOVERGLOBALENRICHLEADCULTUREGROW</p></li></ul>