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  • aiesec singapore information booklet

    unlock yourleadership potential

  • about aiesec

    AIESEC is the global youth network impacting the world through leadership development experiences. AIESEC has been facilitating youth leadership activities as well as international internships & volunteer experiences for over 65 years, developing a global learning environment across 124 countries & territories.

    350youth members in AIESEC Singapore

    4local chapters in Singapore (NTU, NUS, SMU and SIM)

    42years of developing global youth leadership in Singapore90leadership roles lived in AIESEC Singapore

    about aiesec singapore

  • programme descriptionGlobal Leader is AIESEC Singapores experiential leadership development programme for students to join AIESEC as a member in their universities. By taking part in the programme, members gain personal and professional development by going through practical organizational experiences.

    As part of the Global Leader programme, members will also participate in AIESECs Global Citizen programme, where they will embark on an exchange project to make their own positive change in our world.

    what can you gain?

    Practical Organizational Experience

    Access to a Global Network

    Leadership Development

    are you eligible? Students or recent graduates (within 2

    years) of a tertiary institution in Singapore 18-30 years old

    Hard & Soft Skills Development

  • application process

    1. application

    3. induction

    2. selection

    total programme fee$515

    Find out more and apply for the Global Leader programme through our website ( Indicate one out of the three Leadership Development Tracks that you wish to join in your application. Please specify the local committee nearest to you and they will contact you (within 3 business days) subsequently regarding the selection process.

    Begin your AIESEC journey by attending our Induction Conference and learn more about the life-changing experience that you will embark on! Get acquainted with your fellow inductees, gain AIESEC knowledge and immerse yourself in our culture.

    The selection process will assess your suitability for our Leadership Development Tracks based on your knowledge, skills and experiences. This will ensure that you are placed into the most compatible track and gain a high-quality leadership experience.

    *As part of the Global Leader programme, members will also participate in AIESECs Global Citizen programme, which contributes entirely to the programme fee of $515. There is no membership fee for Global Leader.

  • leadership development tracks


    The Sales Management track will enable members to gain a business development experience by selling directly to companies interested in utilizing AIESECs services to hire and manage the internship experience of international interns through our Global Talent programme.

    what will you gain?

    Develop sales and account management skills that are relevant in todays business world

    Sales Skills & Knowledge

    Business Networking & Understanding

    Customer Relations & Account Management

    Communication Skills

  • leadership development tracks


    Members in the Youth Relations track will prepare, send and oversee the experience of AIESECs exchange participants going abroad as part of our Global Citizen and Global Talent programmes, and will be able to make an impact by ensuring a positive experience for our exchange participants.

    what will you gain?

    Gain non-corporate sales skills and knowledge, and cultivate customer experience management

    Exchange Management

    Non-Corporate Sales Skills & Knowledge

    Recruitment & Selection Management

    Stakeholder Management

    Customer Experience Management

  • leadership development tracks


    Members in the Business Management track will focus on business-related functions such as Marketing, Human Resources, Finance, and Events and Project Management in order to ensure the achievement of our organizations goals.

    what will you gain?

    Gain business-related knowledge and skills while living a corporate functional experience

    Business-Related Knowledge & Skills (Marketing, Human Resource, Finance, Events and Project Management)

    Recruitment Management

    Stakeholder Management

    Communication Skills

    Corporate Functional Experience

  • career path

    *Participants of AIESECs Global Leader programme will be able to progress in their AIESEC journey as mapped out in the suggested Career Path above.

  • testimonialsThere are many opportunities for us in AIESEC and for me, each of these experiences is unique. There is always something to learn, cherish and appreciate from these experiences. I am also thankful to AIESEC for connecting me to a global network of inspiring and enthusiastic individuals.

    Thu Hang, AIESEC NTU

    Joining AIESEC has given me countless opportunities to lead teams to achieve goals and objectives. Through this leadership experience, I was able to gain both hard and soft skills. Not only has it granted me the needed relevant organisational experience in the field of Business Management, it has also provided me with the right environment to apply what I have learnt.

    Keith, AIESEC SIMAIESEC provided me with constructive support to help me achieve the organizations goals and my personal goals, such as understanding my strengths and weaknesses. I definitely enjoyed the collaborative learning environment that AIESEC provides which contributes to my professional development especially in gaining practical skills and knowledge.

    Kaiyu, AIESEC SMU

  • faq1. do i need any prior relevant experiences to join the global leader programme?You do not need any experience to join AIESECs Global Leader programme as participants will receive the necessary training and coaching needed to carry out their responsibilities. However, it would be preferred if applicants possess prior experiences or skills that are relevant or related to the Leadership Development Track they applied for.

    2. what is the level of commitment required from global leader participants?

    Global Leader participants are expected to embark on AIESECs Global Citizen programme in order for them to live an integrated experience of being able to make a positive social impact through their volunteer experience abroad, while developing their knowledge and skills at the same time. This would also provide the opportunity for them to better understand the programme, hence enabling them to better support it as part of their responsibilities as an AIESEC member.

    3. why do i have to participate in aiesecs global citizen programme as part of the global leader programme?

    Participants will be expected to commit to AIESECs Global Leader programme in order for them to learn from the experience and develop the intended knowledge and skills of the programme. As part of the Global Leader experience, participants will be expected to attend functional meetings, trainings, Local Committee Meetings, conferences, as well as other events and touchpoints.

    4. how does aiesec develop the skills & knowledge of a global leader participant?Global Leader participants will be able to develop skills and knowledge through AIESECs experiential learning platform and learning & development avenues (such as training sessions and coachings).

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