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  • 1.Talent Review 101

2. Objective Analysis of talent to provide accurate and smart decisions, solutions and suggestions to improve our talent on a large scale.Talent Review uses: Talent Review Tool which is based on the Personal Appraisal Form and Competency Assessment Tool. 3. How to use: Fillthesecolumnsbasedontheresult ofyourJDtracking(PA),andbasedon yourdevelopmenttracking(assessment tool)Thesecolumnsare automatic. 4. Making the report Check the report template (it should include): Percentage of Entity in each clusterRankings of the functions in term of talent reviewRecommendations for Talent Review Follow Up.Functional Analysis 5. Talent Review FOLLOW-UP 6. Talent Review 12Has there been an expectation setting meeting? 1. Clarication of JD 2. Agree on professional/personal goal achievement (MOS) 3. Expectation Setting 4. Learning and Development Needs 5. Further Support Required 6. PA processPreparation for PA: 1. Set date for PA (give 1 weeks notice) 2. Give appraised copy of PA form, ask him/her to ll it according to their perspective, bring support materials if necessary 3. Give VP copy of PA form, reect on performance of appraisee, ll according to his/her perspective 7. Talent Review 345PA: 1. Make appraised comfortable, explain agenda of chat etc. 2. Share forms with each other, explain each point in detail 3. Listen to challenges and empathize 4. Adjust target and achieved according to issues detailed 5. Ensure appraised understands the performance gapFeedback: 1. Discuss how to close the gap, what is holding him/her back? Assess using competencies - is it knowledge, skill, attitude? What support can the VP/MB give? 2. Discuss how to improve as an individual. What extra challenges does he/her need? 3. Create action steps/ development areas and deadlinesFollow Up: 1. Check to see if member has followed up on actions steps recommended 2. Fulll promises 3. MB/VPs should follow this up in their weekly/monthly coaching chats 8. 21453 9. what about step six? 10. Talent Review 6HR Plan: 1. Assess your current talent capacity through the talent reviewWhat is the knowledge, skill and attitude inventory of your current staff - assess by function, level etc.!2. Forecast HR requirements looking at the HR needs of your LC plan.What is the knowledge, skill and attitude inventory needed to achieve your strategic organization's goals? How many people will you need to achieve your LC goals?!3. Develop HR strategies to support organisational strategiesa) Restructure b) Learning and Development c) Recruitment 11. thank you.