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<ul><li><p> AIESEC in Senegal | Project Booklet 2014-2015 </p><p>AIESEC in SENEGAL </p><p>Project Booklet 2014-2015 </p></li><li><p> AIESEC in Senegal | Project Booklet 2014-2015 </p><p>Content </p><p>Welcome .................................................... 3 </p><p>AIESEC in SENEGAL .................................... 4 </p><p>About Senegal ............................................ 5 </p><p>Our Projects ............................................... 5 </p><p>LC UCAD PROJECTS .................................... 6 </p><p>Language Academy (LA) ......................... 6 </p><p>Young Entrepreneurship (YES) ............... 7 </p><p>Green Young Entrepreneurs (GYES) ........ 8 </p><p>SWITCH .................................................. 9 </p><p>Answer Solution and Knowledge (ASK) 10 </p><p>LC CESAG PROJECTS ................................. 11 </p><p>SAMA Project ........................................ 11 </p><p>Green Health ......................................... 12 </p><p>SWITCH (for children) .......................... 13 </p><p>NATIONAL PROJECTS ............................... 14 </p><p>AFRITOUR ............................................. 14 </p><p>AIESEC in SENEGAL Exchange Manager 15 </p><p>Contact Us! .............................................. 16 </p></li><li><p> AIESEC in Senegal | Project Booklet 2014-2015 </p><p>Welcome </p><p>Congratulations for your </p><p>decision to take a look at </p><p>this booklet. Once you </p><p>open it, you will find all </p><p>the necessary </p><p>information to have an </p><p>amazing stay in </p><p>SENEGAL. </p><p>You are about to embark </p><p>yourself upon a life </p><p>changing experience in </p><p>the most exciting </p><p>country in West Africa. </p><p>This internship will teach you about different cultures, leadership skills, </p><p>social responsibility, professional skills and ultimately more about </p><p>yourself. Choosing to take part in this internship program is the best </p><p>choice you will take in your life. </p><p>Dare to take this internship. Dont worry so much about other things in </p><p>your life. Just put yourself out here, be the best version of yourself </p><p>and make the most of it. </p><p>We will work together to make positive impact on Senegalese society </p><p>and together we will achieve great results and fulfill great dreams. </p><p>You are amazing and we will be honored to see you soon in SENEGAL </p><p>for the ultimate life-changing experience. </p><p>Thank you for considering this opportunity </p><p>and see you soon! </p><p>Welcome to SENEGAL! </p></li><li><p> AIESEC in Senegal | Project Booklet 2014-2015 </p><p>AIESEC in SENEGAL </p><p>AIESEC was created in SENEGAL in 1986 and has many years of </p><p>experiences and achievements. AIESEC in SENEGAL has contributed to </p><p>youth development with many leadership opportunities given to its </p><p>members. </p><p>AIESEC in SENEGAL enables young people to have a positive impact in </p><p>all the aspects of the Senegalese society by preparing them to become </p><p>future leaders of SENEGAL. AIESEC in SENEGAL has engaged many </p><p>young people from different backgrounds and made cooperation with </p><p>NGOs and corporate sectors across the country to help them to </p><p>improve their work, reach their corporate CSR or other social purposes </p><p>by offering them the national and international talents from the </p><p>AIESEC network. </p><p>AIESEC in SENEGAL has two ever growing local committees: AIESEC </p><p>UCAD and AIESEC CESAG, as well as several extensions. </p></li><li><p> AIESEC in Senegal | Project Booklet 2014-2015 </p><p>About Senegal </p><p>Our Projects </p><p>The world is facing a lot of issues and AIESEC in Senegal aims to </p><p>provide LEADERSHIP opportunities to young people so they can make </p><p>positive impact and tackle these challenges. Therefore we have </p><p>designed some amazing projects that are relevant to solve problems in </p><p>our country. </p></li><li><p> AIESEC in Senegal | Project Booklet 2014-2015 </p><p>LC UCAD PROJECTS </p><p>Language Academy (LA) </p><p>The globalization of the world and its faster growing impose to </p><p>everybody to improve his/her skills in international languages. This </p><p>project is designed to train students in learning English especially. </p><p>The projects aims to increase students understanding, speaking, and </p><p>writing level in ENGLISH language and give them the opportunity to </p><p>have first-hand practice. </p><p>The interns of this project should ensure proper training for </p><p>students by being innovative and using many tools as books, </p><p>softwares, etc. </p><p>Target audience: University students and secondary school students </p></li><li><p> AIESEC in Senegal | Project Booklet 2014-2015 </p><p>Young Entrepreneurship (YES) </p><p>The major issue the world is facing now is the problem of </p><p>employability. Everywhere in the world, young people are facing </p><p>difficulties finding a job, and this has many other problems as </p><p>consequences. This project comes to fight against youth </p><p>unemployment through entrepreneurship. </p><p>The aim of the project is to train youth about entrepreneurship, </p><p>business plan and how to look for funds for their projects. </p><p>After the training, participants should come to initiate their own </p><p>projects and the partners of the projects will be able to sponsor the </p><p>projects. </p><p>Interns of the project should be able to give trainings in how to make </p><p>business plan, how to do fundraising and follow up the trainees. </p><p>Target audience: Young people </p></li><li><p> AIESEC in Senegal | Project Booklet 2014-2015 </p><p>Green Young Entrepreneurs (GYES) </p><p>Some of the biggest issues the world is facing now are concerning the </p><p>environment. As population is growing and resources are being </p><p>exploited, many factors are contributing to the destruction of the </p><p>environment. It is important and relevant now to take action to </p><p>preserve the environment and do what we can to restore it. So doing </p><p>we can insure a great future for the following generations. </p><p>The aim of this project is to train youth about the causes of the </p><p>degradation of the environment and especially the contribution of men </p><p>worldwide and locally. Then there will be conferences and seminars </p><p>of information and trainings to youth to make them conscious about </p><p>this big issue and how they can contribute to fight against this </p><p>situation in Senegal. This project will involve other youth organizations </p><p>and associations and community groups. </p><p>The purpose of the project is to fight against environmental issues </p><p>while developing the concept of green economy. </p><p>The big events of this project will be to organize sensitization days, </p><p>cleaning days and days of </p><p>reforestation where we will be </p><p>planting trees. </p><p>Interns should be involved in all </p><p>the activities of the projects and </p><p>give trainings to youth about </p><p>environmental issues on </p><p>specifics modules and topics. </p><p>Target audience: youth </p><p>associations, all young people, </p><p>every community group </p></li><li><p> AIESEC in Senegal | Project Booklet 2014-2015 </p><p>SWITCH </p><p>The world is growing faster and all is about technology. The rate of </p><p>people in Africa and especially in Senegal that are aware of these new </p><p>technologies is very low. And technology becomes a requirement to </p><p>grow and improve in any other area nowadays. The SWITCH project </p><p>comes as a solution and an opportunity for youth to learn and develop </p><p>their skills in Information Technology and Communication (ICT) </p><p>area. </p><p>It aims to help young </p><p>people in Africa to </p><p>better understand and </p><p>use computers and </p><p>above all new ICT-</p><p>related practices. </p><p>These skills should be </p><p>used to build </p><p>entrepreneurship </p><p>because they are </p><p>essential requirements </p><p>for the employee. Job </p><p>creation and financial independence are all </p><p>important aspects in achieving poverty reduction in Africa. This is done </p><p>by exploiting the continent's greatest asset, its people, and by giving </p><p>them the essential skills to push its social and economic development. </p><p>Interns should have knowledge in some software usage such as </p><p>Microsoft office, SAARI, Photoshop, Vegas and be able to give </p><p>trainings to youth according to the softwares they master. </p><p>Target audience: university and secondary students </p></li><li><p> AIESEC in Senegal | Project Booklet 2014-2015 </p><p>Answer Solution and Knowledge (ASK) </p><p>HIV/AIDS is one of the major diseases that kill large numbers of </p><p>people in the world and especially in Africa. About three people die </p><p>every minute in the world due to HIV/AIDS. </p><p>Many people are still ignorant about HIV and its ways of </p><p>transmission and are still contracting the disease. So it is important </p><p>for us as youth to stand and say NO to this situation and save our </p><p>people. </p><p>The aim of this project is to </p><p>train the trainers. So the </p><p>professional of health such </p><p>as our government and NGO </p><p>partners will train the </p><p>university students about </p><p>AIDS/HIV issues and </p><p>everything concerning the </p><p>disease. Then these trained </p><p>students will be the agent that </p><p>will train the peer educator </p><p>who will be the secondary </p><p>students that will bring the </p><p>information to their respective homes, families, friends... </p><p>Then the big events of the project will be the sensitization day and </p><p>conferences about HIV/AIDS. There will also be some demonstration </p><p>of preservative usage and tips to prevent the disease. Above all there </p><p>will be a detecting of people for them to know their serology statute. </p><p>The intern should be involved in all the activities of the project and will </p><p>be trained to become the peer educator trainer. </p><p>Target audience: youth </p></li><li><p> AIESEC in Senegal | Project Booklet 2014-2015 </p><p>LC CESAG PROJECTS </p><p>SAMA Project </p><p>Malaria annually kills more than 2.7million people worldwide. 80% of </p><p>cases are in sub-Saharan Africa, where mostly children under five </p><p>years and pregnant women are affected. Every 30 seconds one child </p><p>dies from malaria in the world. </p><p>African Governments have committed themselves to </p><p>fight against malaria and achieve the Millennium </p><p>Development Goals, but its still not sufficient. So we </p><p>must all put our hands together to get into the same </p><p>dynamic to improve the lives of many innocent </p><p>people through "SAMA PROJECT". </p><p>The purpose of the project is to raise awareness of </p><p>the disease, go to rural communities and tell them </p><p>about malaria and how to prevent it. Make fundraising and </p><p>approach international organizations to have support to buy medical </p><p>mosquito nets and share them to people for them to sleep under </p><p>them and prevent the disease, and destroy the sources of mosquitos </p><p>by spraying insecticides There will also be </p><p>trainings to children and parents about good </p><p>hygiene habits to prevent the transmission. </p><p>Interns should be responsible of the activities </p><p>and lead them. They should raise awareness </p><p>in the population about the disease through </p><p>sensitizations and fundraise to buy mosquito </p><p>nets that will be shared in houses. </p><p>Target audience: children and pregnant </p><p>women. </p></li><li><p> AIESEC in Senegal | Project Booklet 2014-2015 </p><p>Green Health </p><p>When we look at climate </p><p>anomalies and natural disasters </p><p>that we are witnessing, taking in </p><p>account the protection of our </p><p>environment is essential in any </p><p>business idea. Thus, the project </p><p>GREEN HEALTH appears as a </p><p>program that encourages young </p><p>people to undertake but more in </p><p>the area of green economy to </p><p>create green jobs. </p><p>The aim of this project is to create green jobs by initiating projects </p><p>that will fight against environmental issues while providing </p><p>financial incomes such as recycling garbage to produce bags while </p><p>earning money or planting nursery trees that will bring incomes later. </p><p>There will be trainings about the concepts of green economy, </p><p>entrepreneurship and how to make a business plan. After the </p><p>training, the participants will come to initiate their own projects and </p><p>two of them that really meet the concept of green economy will be </p><p>sponsored by the partners of the project. </p><p>Interns should participate in all the activities </p><p>of the project, training participants about </p><p>how to create a business plan and about </p><p>green economy concept. Interns can be </p><p>trained also to the concept of green </p><p>economy. </p><p>Target audience: youth </p></li><li><p> AIESEC in Senegal | Project Booklet 2014-2015 </p><p>SWITCH (for children) </p><p>This project is to initiate children from an early age to the use of </p><p>computer and English learning. In our current world, computer and </p><p>English skills are important tools for childrens education. </p><p>There will be trainings in primary schools about computer usage and </p><p>English learning. </p><p>To make this possible, interns should do international fundraising to </p><p>bring some books to the children and fundraise for the project to buy </p><p>computer to equip schools to make the trainings fluent (It is not </p><p>mandatory). </p><p>The interns should be able to prepare and give trainings to the </p><p>children in an innovative way for them to master all the topics. </p><p>Target audience: children from 8 to 15 </p></li><li><p> AIESEC in Senegal | Project Booklet 2014-2015 </p><p>NATIONAL PROJECTS </p><p>AFRITOUR </p><p>This project aims to showcase the touristic aspect of SENEGAL. </p><p>According to the history, Senegal is one of the rare countries that stills </p><p>have the buildings and vestiges of colonization time and the country </p><p>has many touristic sites. </p><p>The interns of this project will be going one week in each region of the </p><p>country from the south to the north. They will do workcamps in </p><p>various places to contribute to local community development, while </p><p>discovering the sites and know more about the country. </p><p>Target audience: students </p></li><li><p> AIESEC in Senegal | Project Booklet 2014-2015 </p><p>AIESEC in SENEGAL Exchange Manager </p><p>This project is really sweet for anyone who has backgrounds in </p><p>marketing and selling. The EP will be working with the National </p><p>selling team and with the MCVP OGX, MCVP IGIP or MCVP IGCDP </p><p>according to his/her will. </p><p>The purpose of this project is to sell our programs to companies, </p><p>NGOs The intern will be going on the field to sell either GCDP or GIP </p><p>to stakeholders. </p><p>This opportunity is more like a CEEDership. </p><p>Check out these links: </p><p>Video about AIESEC Exchange in Senegal: </p><p> </p><p>AIESEC in Senegal Projects on EXPA: </p><p> </p><p>AIESEC in Senegal on LinkedIn: </p><p> </p></li><li><p> AIESEC in Senegal | Project Booklet 2014-2015 </p><p>Contact Us! </p><p>Bright Mlaano Etiko </p><p>National Vice-President Incoming Global Community Development Program </p><p>(+221 76 533 38 28) | </p><p>AIESEC in Senegal </p><p>Ouest Foire, Cit Khandar Villa N 17, Dakar </p><p>BP: 45796 Dakar-Fann </p><p>Dakar | SENEGAL </p><p>(+221) 33 86 053 64 | | </p><p>Facebook:</p><p>Senegal/126633974031451?fref=ts </p></li></ul>