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<ul><li><p>International Talent for your Company</p></li><li><p>Global Talent</p><p>We bring global minded and innovative professionals to your organization in order to develop competitiveness on a global level.</p><p>Our solutionWe facilitate the sourcing of international talent</p><p>Strategic talent sourcing</p><p>Standardized international recruiting process</p><p>Global recruitment through one centralized location</p><p>BenetsCustomized Process</p><p>Intern Preparation Global Environment</p><p>Cost-Eective Solution</p><p>Flexible Timing</p><p>1</p></li><li><p>Global Talent Process</p><p>1. Contractsigning</p><p>2. Talentsourcing</p><p>3. Intern selection</p><p>4. Visaprocess 5. Pre - arrival</p><p>6. Post arrival</p><p>Place the internship opening on our exclusive</p><p> online database;</p><p>Filter through candidates based on your </p><p>companys criteria;</p><p>Provide a shortlist of qualied candidates;</p><p>Help the intern in visa documentation process;</p><p>Integration of the intern on or before arrival;</p><p>Pre-screening, interview, visa process &amp; logistical</p><p>preparations;</p><p>Cultural Inductions to the intern before arrival</p><p>Support on arrival including pickup, cultural</p><p>orientation, practicalities and accommodation;</p><p>Provide ongoing cultural and social immersion;</p><p>Evaluation of the interns work along with the</p><p>company;</p><p>AIESEC responsibilities</p><p>Partner responsibilitiesProvide a well dened job description;</p><p>Select interns from shortlist of qualied</p><p> candidates;</p><p>Timely supervision of the intern;</p><p>Keep AIESEC in the loop of all decision </p><p>regarding the intern;</p><p>Feedback about services and intern/s </p><p>to AIESEC;</p><p>2</p></li><li><p>35. Visa processhandled by AIESEC</p><p>6. Prepration andpracticalitieshandled by AIESEC</p><p>7. Integration toculture and AIESECsactivities</p><p>Process Description</p><p>Step 1 - 4 = 1.5 months 5- 7 = 1-2 month based</p><p>Backgrounds in:</p><p>IT Sales</p><p>International Marketing</p><p>Research Marketing</p><p>2. AIESEC selectscandidates by test /background /interview</p><p>3. Company interviews shortlisted candidates within 10 days</p><p>1. Agreement andjob description</p><p>4. Company selects succesful candidate</p><p> on region</p><p>Information Technology</p><p>Teaching &amp; Education</p><p>Engineering</p><p>Business Administration</p><p>Human Resources</p><p>Marketing</p><p>Finance / Accounting</p><p>The AIESEC Internship Programme delivers great value to Alcatel / lucent as it</p><p>introduces exceptionally bright and energetic talent to our company. </p><p>AIESEC Interns continue to bring innovative ideas and solutions to our business </p><p>with their strong leadership skills and colaborative approach to achieving succes.</p><p>Alcatel / Lucent</p></li><li><p>Our focus countries</p><p>Switzerland Austria Belgium Spain</p><p>Global Talent Fee</p><p>France</p><p>DP DHL has had a succesful partnership with AIESEC for around 16 years. </p><p>Our two organisations share similar values, which is at the core of the partnership </p><p>sucess. DP DHL is know for being the logistics provider for the world. Less know </p><p>four our sustainability commitments there we deploy our core capabilities </p><p>to better servve the communities in which we operate. </p><p>This is why DP DHL is innovating sustainable solutions for the future and why </p><p>AIESECers area a perfect macth.</p><p>4</p><p>1 Position / 1 year</p><p>400 - Form uploaded to online platform</p><p>1600 - Upon the interns rst day of work</p><p>AIESEC is present in 125 countries &amp; territories, the above countries are only reccomendations.</p><p>167 per month of traineeship</p><p>1)</p><p>1)</p><p>5 = 5%</p><p>10 = 10% 15 = 15%</p><p>5 trainnes = 5% discount</p><p>2)</p><p>2)</p></li><li><p>Our vision: Peace and fulllment of human kinds potential</p><p>Our international platform enables young people to explore and develop their leadership potential for them to have a positive impact on the society</p><p>Our Organization</p><p>Our IMPACT</p><p>5</p><p> COUNTRIES</p><p>&amp;TERRITORIES</p><p>125100000 MEMBERS</p><p>1000000 ALUMNI</p><p>2400 UNNIVERSITIES</p><p>30000 INTERNSHIPS</p><p>27500 LEADERSHIPEXPERIENCES</p></li><li><p>6Global Partners</p><p>Contact Details</p><p>Michael Karr</p><p>0892340620</p><p>Vice - President of Business Development</p><p></p><p>AIESEC adds tremendous value to Electrolux, in many dierent ways. It brings </p><p>diversity,which is critical to us. AIESEC also provides a valuable and exible talent</p><p> pool, and many AIESECers have been retained and have pursued excellent </p><p>careers in Electrolux.</p><p>Michael Karr</p><p>Electrolux</p><p>mike.karr91 </p></li></ul>