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This booklet presents AIESEC Global Talent Africa programme


<ul><li><p>Grow Africa</p><p>The edge for your organization</p></li><li><p>AIESEC is the global youth network impacting the world through leadership development experiences. We have been facilitating youth leadership activities as well as international internships and volunteer experiences for over 65 years. In South Africa, we are currently present in 10 leading universities and facilitate over 200 international internships per year.</p><p>AIESEC</p><p>2,4008,000</p><p>5,000100,000</p><p>23,000500</p><p>124</p><p>Founded in 1948</p><p>UniversitiesPartners</p><p>International InternshipsMembers</p><p>Volunteering InternshipsConferences</p><p>Countries &amp; Territories</p><p>International talent3-12 months internship</p><p>Applicants with a wide array of technical skills Over 20 African countries</p><p>We provide organisations with access to the best young African talent.We offer students and recent graduates with proven leadership skills and a wide array of backgrounds. We help our partners in creating a dynamic and innovative workplace. We provide the global edge.</p><p>ABOUT GLOBAL TALENT</p><p>IN A NUTSHELL</p><p>ABOUT AIESEC </p></li><li><p>GROW AFRICAThe Global Talent Grow Africa programme offers companies of all sectors the opportunity to receive university graduates from different parts of the continent to work on projects related to marketing in the organisation, from market penetration to market research and brand positioning, and help build the internnational leadershiop pipeline.</p><p>In addition to technical skills, the exchange students add more diversity and new ideas in projects.</p><p>TOP SUPPLYNIGERIA</p><p>IVORY COAST</p><p>KENYA</p><p>GHANA</p><p>MOZAMBIQUE</p><p>Access to innovative young leaders with high potential</p><p>Adding diverse knowledge and perspectives</p><p>High number of profiles with good academic experience</p><p>OUR PRESENCEAIESEC is currently present in 26 Africancountries, and growing every year.</p></li><li><p>GROW AFRICASAMPLE PROFILE</p><p>THE DIFFERENCE: OUR MEMBERSHIP</p><p>BACKGROUNDS++++++++</p><p>Market Research &amp; Evaluation Customer Relation (CRM) Advertising &amp; Public Relations Business administration Financial Planning International Trade Project ManagementIntroduction to Management </p><p>JOB DESCRIPTIONSMARKETING ASSISTANT- INTERNATIONAL MARKETING12</p><p>3COMPANY-SPECIFIC GRADUATE PROGRAMMEMANAGEMENT ASSISTANTAND STRATEGY</p><p>We can rely on a constant supply of trainees with industry, market, and academic knowledge. We can also shortlist for specific skills, languages, or country of origin.</p><p>Companies from across industries can find benefits in receiving young talent, to bring in specific skills and to foster innovations within departments.</p><p>Proactive Learning</p><p>Emotional Intelligence</p><p>Social Responsibility</p><p>Entrepreneurial Outlook</p><p>Global Mindset</p></li><li><p> CONTRACTAgreement between both your company and AIESEC.</p><p>NEEDS IDENTIFICATIONYour company specifies the desired candidateprofile and the duration of internship.</p><p>PROMOTIONWe administer promotional campaignsthrough our worldwide network.</p><p>PRE-SCREENINGShort-Lists are made of best candidates of all applicants.</p><p>COMPANY INTERVIEWWe forward the short-list to thecompany for internal interviews.</p><p>VISA/WORK PERMIT &amp; RESIDENCY PERMITWe provide the necessary paperworkfor all sides, file it accordingly, and walkthe trainee through visa acquisition process.</p><p>ACCULTURATIONAirport pick-up, pre-arrival education, help with housing, commuting and social network. </p><p>THE PROCESS</p><p>FEEDBACK AND EVALUATIONAirport pick-up, pre-arrival education, help with housing, commuting and social network. </p><p>ADMIN FEECovers the whole process: sourcing + visa + reception activities</p><p>R 11 000 per intern</p></li><li><p>REACH OUT</p><p></p><p>CURIOUS?</p><p>AIESEC in South Africa NPC Reg no: 2007/011622/08 | NPO no: 056-312 NPOUnit 23, Somerlus Complex, Countesses Avenue, Randburg 2194, South Africa</p><p>c</p><p>Alessandro PietrobonVP Business Development+27 11 431 2889 // +27 82 516 0271 </p></li></ul>