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Candidate Guideline TMP Summer Recruitment 2014


  • AIESEC FTU Hanoi | Membership Summer Recruitment 2014| Candidate BookletPage0

    TEAM MEMBER PROGRAMCandidate Booklet

    A pocket guideline for students who would like to apply for AIESECs TeamMember Program

    who would like to apply for AIESECs TeamMember ProgramAIESEC FTU Hanoi | Membership Summer Recruitment 2014 | Candidate Booklet



  • AIESEC FTU Hanoi | Membership Summer Recruitment 2014| Candidate BookletPage21. What is Team Member Program (TMP)?A Team Member Program experience is an opportunity for a youngperson to develop entrepreneurial and responsible leadership by living apractical team experience at a local, national, regional or global level.2. How we run this program?We provide a practical learning and development experience to a youngperson, who takes part in a team and takes responsibilities towards managingAIESECs performance and the delivery of its experiences.3. What can a young person gain through this program?With this program, a young person gains access to AIESECs value-basedplatform, and he or she experiences: A practical team experience Practical hard and soft skills development Access to global network An entrepreneurial and responsible attitude towards being a better leaderTMP participants can have different types of practical team experiences, suchbeing a part of a project team, a functional team, the organizing committee ofan event, or an executive team of an entity.4. Duration of a Team Member experience?

    Often 8-78 weeks


  • AIESEC FTU Hanoi | Membership Summer Recruitment 2014| Candidate BookletPage3Candidates applying for this category are 1st, 2nd year students who wouldlike to work for AIESEC as a full member in a specific project This Candidate Booklet is available for students from Foreign Trade

    University (FTU), Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam (DAV), Academy ofJournalism and Communications (AJC), Academy of Finance (AOF), HanoiLaw University (HLU), British University Vietnam (BUV), Hanoi NationalUniversity of Education (HNUE), Hanoi University of Industrial Fine Arts(HUIFA) in Hanoi region.

    Candidates must read the Candidate Package with the reading guidelinebelow.

    Candidates must name the application form as :Membership Application Form_Your full name_Your university

    For example:Membership Application Form_Phung Thuy Duong _FTU Candidates have to submit the application form via email with the same

    subject as above:Membership Application form_Your full name_Your university

    Please send your application form to the following link:ftu.hanoi@aiesec.vnDeadline for submitting the application form is on Tuesday, May 6th 201423h 59

    Here upon is the selection process for Team Member Program:





    Showtime -Final

    Interview27th April 3rdMay4th - 6thMay 2014

    10th 11th May 2014

    12th 16th May 2014

    17th 18th May 2014

  • AIESEC FTU Hanoi | Membership Summer Recruitment 2014| Candidate BookletPage4Application Form: Fulfill the information and questions in application formand submit to ftu.hanoi@aiesec.vn before 23h 59 Tuesday, May 6th 2014There are 2 periods:

    Period 1: 26th April to 3rd May 2014People who apply in this period will receive a bonus from AIESEC

    Period 2: 4th May to 6th May 20145th May 2014: Information Seminar:One day as an AIESECer

    Registration link: http://bit.ly/1lg36LiAssessment Center: After passing the Application Form round, candidates will beinformed of the time and venue for Assessment Center. This round includesactivities to assess candidates competencies.Group Work Week: After passing the Assessment Center round, candidates willbe informed of group work week. In a group arranged by the OrganizingCommittee, candidates will have one week to accomplish a group assignment topresent to AIESEC FTU Hanoi's Executive Board in Showtime and Interview dayShowtime and Final Interview: After going through Group Work week, candidateswill be informed to join the Showtime and Final Interview, which is the final roundof the Recruitment.After submitting your Application Form, an email of confirmation will be sent toyour registered email address within 1 day. If not, please resubmit yourApplication Form or contact us for support:Email: ftu.hanoi@aiesec.vnContact person: Tran Huyen Trang|0982535 252|Organizing CommitteeDelegationFan page: https://www.facebook.com/ftuhanoi.aiesec

  • AIESEC FTU Hanoi | Membership Summer Recruitment 2014| Candidate BookletPage5It is important for you to understand our organization before recruitmentbegins so we provide quite a full set of knowledge in this Candidate package: To know more about AIESEC FTU HN structure, Exchange projects and

    the number of vacancies for each project, please read OrganizationIntroduction.

    To choose your preferred position to apply, please read Job DescriptionsPackage.

    To apply for your chosen position, please fill out Application Form and sendus before the deadline of 23h 59 Tuesday, May 6th 2014

    With students apply for both program , GCP and TMP, you will go throughRound 1: Application FormRound 2: AssessmentRound 3: Group work weekRound 4: Show time- Final interviewNotice that :1. Candidates who apply for both Membership summer Recruitment andGCP Summer Recruitment only need to join Membership SummerRecruitment. If you pass Membership summer Rec, you pass bothprograms.2. For Application Form Round: Candidates apply for both programs mustsubmit Membership Summer AF and GCP Summer AF separately.For TMP please send this AF to mail: ftu.hanoi@aiesec.vnFor GCP please follow this link http://bit.ly/GCP20143. For AC Round: if candidate apply for both program pass AC Round, youcan go to the next ground: GWW of Membership Summer4. However, if you fail AC Round, candidate apply for both program cango to the next round of GCP program which is Summer Recruitment Board


  • AIESEC FTU Hanoi | Membership Summer Recruitment 2014| Candidate BookletPage6WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? GRASP YOUR CHANCE AND