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This is the booklet for the new teams of AIESEC Athens. Duration: March - November 2012. Apply until 7th of March


<ul><li><p> Talent Management Team Member </p><p>Role Talent Management Team is responsible to ensure the HR sustainability and development of the Local Committee of AIESEC Athens. t </p><p>Responsibilities Work with a team of 5 on: </p><p> Ensuring the HR sustainability via implementing the Talent Planning for all of the core operations of the Local Committee </p><p> Implementing educational programs for the LC members Conducting Recruitment Processes during recruitment periods Plan realization and 100% goal completion Reporting on individual responsibilities and performance to the team leader of the team </p><p>Start Month: March End Month: November </p><p> Future possibilities: Other Team Leader/Project Manager positions, AIESEC international experiences, Executive Board 2013 </p><p>Available Positions: 3 </p><p>Benefits from the position Professional experience in an international and dynamic working environment Leadership Development Teamwork Recruitment Processes knowledge Business network building Access in AIESEC opportunities </p><p>Expectations Teamwork and commitment Professionalism and accountability Performance and reporting 5 hours per week </p></li><li><p> Application and Selection Process Stage 1: Application Package 1. Application form online 2. Personal CV online </p><p>Application can be found at and HERE Stage 2: Assessment Center Attendance in Induction Seminar Dates: 10-11/3/2012 Stage 3: Interview Attendance in Induction Seminar Dates: 10-11/3/2012 For any questions on the position and/or the process do not hesitate to contact: Xenia Mastropetrou, Talent Manager of AIESEC Athens 2011-2012, at </p></li></ul>