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  • Agricultural Innovation and Rural DiversificationShailaja FennellResearch Director, Cambridge Central Asia Forum

  • Value Chain Analysis

  • Agricultural Value Chain and Possibilities for Processing and Storage

  • The evolving logic of agricultural diversification

  • Bolwig 2008: 38

  • Opportunities in Agribusiness

    Exports of (organic) high value fruits and vegetablesGeneration of renewable (on and off grid) energy

  • Share of Ecological Regions in Total Land Area

  • Gross Value Added

  • Employment by Sector

  • Azerbaijan Energy TargetsAzerbaijans 2020 Targets:

    20% share of renewable energy in electricity (10 % in 2011: 9.8% hydropower, 0.2% other RE)9,7% share of renewable energy in all energy consumption (2.3% in 2011)

  • Cambridge Innovation Ecosystem

    Science based research-measurement and testing, grading and accreditation

    Social science-household surveys for valuation of natural resources, agricultural inputs, community focus groups for an embedded understanding of risks and bottlenecks


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