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<ul><li><p>Agora Microfinance India Limited </p><p>Job Description Chief Operating Officer </p><p>1) Company Description </p><p>Agora Microfinance India Limited is a new urban microfinance institution based in Mumbai that aims </p><p>to become a significant player in urban microfinance. Its approach is to develop an in-depth </p><p>understanding of the needs of low income households, and to use flexible approaches and delivery </p><p>mechanisms to provide increased financial access to such families. Our mission is to provide </p><p>affordable, convenient and timely financial services to low income urban clientele in a financially </p><p>sustainable manner. </p><p>2) Position </p><p>The Chief Operating Officer will be part of the senior management of the company and will be </p><p>responsible for the operation strategies and business growth. The Chief Operating Officer will </p><p>develop, refine and implement Operations strategy including aspects such as area selection, product </p><p>design and delivery, portfolio quality management, Client outreach and communications. S/he will </p><p>be responsible for the management of the overall quality and efficiency of operations. S/he will </p><p>ensure that the company delivers an outstanding service that is client focused and efficient at all </p><p>times. </p><p>3) Location </p><p>Head Office, Mumbai </p><p>4) Reports to </p><p>Chief Executive Officer </p><p>5) Supervisory/Line Management Responsibilities </p><p>Regional Managers in the Operations Department </p><p>6) Qualifications, Experience and Skills </p><p> A Masters degree in business administration, finance or economics, or commerce from a reputable institution; </p><p> A minimum of 10 years experience of operations in a microfinance institution in a senior position, or a relevant financial institution; experience in an urban setting will be a plus; </p><p> Flexible and resourceful; the ability to work in a start-up and willingness to be responsible for a varied set of tasks that will support the companys growth and expansion; </p><p> Excellent team skills as the job requires working in large teams; Requisite computer skills for presentations, communication and data analysis; Acquaintance with the MIS &amp; Accounting systems for day to day microfinance operations A thorough understanding of microfinance performance metrics/indicators and the ability to </p><p>interpret and process operations data; </p><p> Excellent verbal and written communication and interpersonal skills; The capacity to work under pressure, prioritize multiple tasks and meet deadlines; </p></li><li><p>Agora Microfinance India Limited </p><p> Fluency in English and Hindi; Knowledge of Marathi will be an added advantage The commitments and enthusiasm to work in a challenging environment, and the ability to </p><p>display sensitivity to the diverse needs of urban low income families and be highly motivated to </p><p>work with slum households to improve their opportunities and outcomes. </p><p>7) Description of Role </p><p> Lead role in the creation of the companys operations plans; Management of lending (microfinance) operations to a high standard Management of Operations goals, objectives, and budget to support the achievement of the </p><p>overall organizational mission; </p><p> Analysis of competition, products and processes on an ongoing basis Act as the main quality controller in client selection, portfolio quality management, product and </p><p>processes, client protection, area selection and other aspects of operations </p><p> Ensure full compliance with the existing policies of the company, especially the Operations Policies </p><p> Develop new cost effective marketing strategies to improve outreach. Oversee credit and risk controls policy adherence in operational areas. Support recruitment function for operations team. </p><p>8) Compensation </p><p>Compensation will be competitive and commensurate with the skills of the candidate. The package </p><p>will consist of about a 20%-25% performance based incentive component which will apply on the </p><p>completion of the probation period. </p><p>9) To Apply: </p><p>Please send a CV &amp; a one page cover letter detailing how you meet the eligibility requirements to </p><p> The closing date for applications is 15th</p><p> February 2015. Please clearly state the role </p><p>that you are applying for in the email subject line. Candidates who do not submit a cover letter will </p><p>not be shortlisted. For further details please visit </p></li></ul>


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