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Agilent Technologies. 856x Migration Customer Presentation August 2008. Agilent Spectrum Analysis Portfolio. PSA Market Leading Performance 3 Hz to 50 GHz. Code Compatible with 856x. 8560EC Series Super mid- performance. Jul 08. Price. Sep 06. MXA X-Series Mid Performance - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Agilent Technologies

    856x Migration Customer PresentationAugust 2008

  • EXAX-Series Economy class 9KHz to 26 GHzCSALow cost portable 100 kHz to 6 GHzAgilent Spectrum Analysis PortfolioN9320B Basic performance, BenchtopPerformanceESAWorlds Most Popular 100 Hz to 26 GHzPriceN9340B Hand HeldMXAX-Series Mid Performance 20 Hz to 26 GHzPSAMarket Leading Performance 3 Hz to 50 GHz89600 VSA SoftwareWorlds best analysis & troubleshooting8560EC Series Super mid- performanceNew backwards CCwith 856x option on X-SeriesN9061ACode Compatible with 856xSep 06Sep 07Apr 08Jul 08

  • Product Briefing for 856x SeriesBest in Class Phase Noise Performance Headlines: +/-1.0 dB absolute amplitude accuracy

    -149 dBm/Hz DANL

  • Product Discontinuance UpdateUpcoming Discontinuances:Subset of 856x Series Products now affected8560EC / 8562EC / 8563ECBroad announcementSep 1, 2008Last order dateAug 31, 2009End of support lifeAug 31, 2014Product alternativesMXA/EXA, PSA, ESA depending on options requiredMigration supportN9061A 856x to MXA or EXA code supportPSA OPT 266 856x to PSA code support

    NOTE: NO PLANS for discontinuance on ANY other Signal Analysis Division products at this time

  • Product Life Cycle of 8560 SeriesNOTE: NO PLANS for discontinuance of8564EC (40GHz) or 8565EC (50GHz) at this time

  • Complete list from (link)NOTE: Web page will be updated by Oct 1 for 8560/62/63 EC

  • Key Questions to Consider in Migration from 856x1. Form FactorPhysical size?Class 3 MIL Rugged?2. Hardware FunctionalityDid you use the Tracking Generator Internal for 8560A/E/EC OPT 002?External 85640A?Did you use External Mixing?Did you use the VIDEO output (standard)? Why?Did you use the second IF output (OPT 001)? Why?Did you used the SWEEP output (standard)? Why?3. Hardware PerformancePhase Noise Performance?Other?4. Backward Code Compatibility and Applications CoverageIs the 856x in an automated environment? Were you using the Phase Noise Personality (85671A)?Were you using the Spurious Measurements Personality (85672A)?5. Additional FeaturesSecurity Clearing Procedures?Calibration Cycle and Cost of Ownership?

  • 1. Form Factor: Physical sizeStandaloneRack mountedNOTE: 1U rack height = 1.75 inches, or 44.5mmNOTE: For visual drawings of these dimensions please see the appendix

    Dimensions 856xMXA/EXA PSA ESA Height (H) 5U (223 mm) 4U (178 mm) 4U (178 mm) 5U (223mm) Depth (D) See above See above See above See above

  • 1. Form Factor: Physical size

    NOTE: MXA/EXA not shown but are similar to PSA

  • 1. Form Factor: Class 3 MIL RuggedRecommendations if this is a requirement: Option 1: PSA as it is Class 3 MIL Rugged Option 2: ESA as it is Class 3 MIL Rugged Option 3: X-Series see environmental specs in appendix

  • 2. Hardware Functionality* NOTE: There are no plans to obsolete the TG at this time

  • 3. Hardware Performance: Key Specifications PSA 856x MXA ESANOTE: The 856x series has great phase noise performance. This is the #1 specification that you need to qualify to help your customers migrate

    TOI 90/sec> 50/sec40/sec

  • 3. Hardware Performance: Phase NoiseNOTE: Only the nominal performance are given for MXA/EXA @1 kHz and 10 MHz offsets

  • 4. Backward Code Compatibility: 856x to PSAPSA OPT 266:FREE Firmware8566 A/ B Models8560 Series8590 SeriesInherent Code CompatibilityPSA/MXA/EXA* NOTE: We DO NOT have 856x to ESA BWCC in the ESA series

  • 4. Backward Code Compatibility: 856x to X-SeriesN9061A Remote Language Compatibility ApplicationEmulates the HP/Agilent 856xE/EC remote programming language Supports the most frequently used 856xE/EC commands Available with new X-Series signal analyzers (MXA/EXA) as a standard feature Has command error logging

    Areas of Caution:Does not cover commands for:856x Phase Noise Utility856x Spurious UtilityThe X-Series (MXA/EXA) does not currently have Amplitude Correction and Limit Lines features at this time but this is under development and will be available soon.

  • 4. Applications CoverageWirelessWINETGeneral Purpose* NOTE: 85671/85672 personalities will continue to be available and will not be discontinued at this time* *NOTE: Power Suite in X-Series, PSA, or ESA partially covers 85672A functionalities. See NOTES for this slide for more information.

    Application856x Signal AnalyzerX-SeriesPSA SeriesESA-E SeriesGSM/EDGENot availableN9071A202252, BAHW-CDMA8563E-E35N9073A-1FP, -2FPBAFNot availableHSDPA/UPANot available N9079A-2FP210Not availablecdmaOne + cdma2KNot available N9072ABAC + B78BAC = cdmaOne OnlyTD-SCDMA HSDPA/8PSKNot available N9079A-1FP211/212/213Not availableWiMax (OFDMA)Not available N9075A89601ANot availableWLANNot available89601X native217Not availableLTENot availableN9080A89601ANot availableBluetoothNot available 89601A89601A106, 228, 304Phase Noise*85671A N9068A226226Spurious Measurement*85672APower Suite**Power Suite**Power Suite**Noise FigureNot available N9069A219219Cable/Digital TVNot availableNot availableE9285Bexternal225, 227, B7B, B7KAM/FM demodulation and metricsTune and Listen ONLYNO MetricsN9063ATune, Listen, Metrics233 (Measuring Rx)Metrics OnlyAM Standard AYQ, BAA, J36VSANot available 89601A internal/external89601Aexternal89601A externalModulation Analysis Not available 89600241229Flexible Digital DemodNot available 89601X native or 89601A embedded241Not available

  • 5. Additional Features: Security Clearing ProceduresIn General:Go to and enter the model number of your instrument.


    MXA/EXA: Removable CPU, option CPU

    PSA:PSA high-performance spectrum analyzers offer 4 levels of security: 1) Display manipulation; 2) Secure erase all memory; 3) User file deletion; and 4) Read-only file mounting. While levels 1) and 2) are standard feature s for all PSA(s), levels 3) and 4) require PSA Option 117.

    ESA: Option CPU

  • 5. Additional Features: Calibration Cycle & Cost of Ownership Example is for a 26 GHz analyzer, prices were quoted in Aug 08 Z540 and ISO 17025 calibration also available at additional charge Agilent TME Calibration Software is available at:

    ** NOTE: EXA was introduced in Sep 2007 so still collecting data to see if we can go to a 2 year cal cycle

  • Industrys best performing signal analyzers:Fastest signal analysis measurements Broadest set of applications and demodulation capabilities in a single instrumentMost advanced user interface & world-class connectivity

    X-Series Signal Analyzers - N9020A (MXA) & N9010A (EXA)The next generation of signal analysis

    MXA - Eliminate the compromise between speed and performance!EXA - Eliminate the compromise between speed and price!

  • Customer Success StoryMarketCATV / TelecommunicationsDeviceCable Head End Transport SystemTestManufacturing (GP Spectrum Analysis)Existing Method8560New MethodMXA

    HeadlineWe were able to reduce our test time by 60% on two separate production lines at our facility

  • 50% Trade-In Offer For a Limited Time!Receive a 50% trade-in credit on any of the eligible products when you trade-in a corresponding, operational product

    ACT NOW!Promotion Expires: October 15th, 2008


  • Trial Licenses for X-SeriesAlready own an MXA or EXA and want to see if you can migrate from 856x to the X-Series?

    Want to try some of the applications that you may have used on 856x on the X-Series? Phase Noise Analog Demodulation W-CDMA

    Want to try our BWCC application?N9061A coming soon! Sep 08!

    Come visit us at:

  • Useful External Web Links for Customers856x Introductions, Obsolescence Dates, and Support (link)856x Series Data Sheet (link)N9071A Technical Overview (link)MXA Series Data Sheet (link)PSA Series Data Sheet (link)ESA Series Data Sheet (link)Application Note: External Mixing with the PSA (link)Application Note: Maximizing Throughput with X-Series (link)856x to X-Series Programming Conversion Guide coming soon!

  • AppendixEnvironmental Specifications List Prices in USD ($)Schematics of Instruments

  • 1. Form Factor: Environmental Specifications: 856x ECSOURCE: 856x Data Sheet (see link at end of presentation)

  • 1. Form Factor: Environmental Specifications: PSANOTE: PSA is tested to MIL-PRF-28800F Class 3 as the 856x Series isNOTE: PSA is heavier than the 856x series856x is ~36lbs.PSA is ~50lbs.NOTE: Temp range is similarSOURCE: PSA Data Sheet (see link at end of presentation)

  • 1. Form Factor: Environmental Specifications: ESANOTE: ESA is tested to MIL-PRF-28800F Class 3 as the 856x Series isNOTE: ESA is a bit heavier than the 856x series856x is ~36lbs.ESA is ~38lbs.NOTE: Temp range is the sameSOURCE: ESA Data Sheet (see link at end of presentation)

  • 1. Form Factor: Environmental Specifications: MXA/EXANOTE: MXA/EXA are not officially tested to MIL-PRF-28800F Class 3 as the 856x is.NOTE: MXA/EXA are tested to a different temperature range than the 856x is.NOTE: MXA/EXA are comparable to the weight of the 856x.SOURCE: MXA Specs Guide (N9020A-90027)

  • 3 GHz Base Box Price Comparison USDPRICING last updated Aug 1, 2008

  • 6-8 GHz Base Box Price Comparison USDPRICING last updated Aug 1, 2008

  • 13 GHz


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