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  • Agilent E6474A

    Wireless Network Optimization Platform

    User’s Guide

    Agilent Technologies

  • Notices © Agilent Technologies, Inc. 2007

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    Manual Part Number E6474-90090

    Edition First edition, October 2007

    Agilent E6474A, Release 11.0 or later

    Printed in Malaysia

    Agilent Technologies South Queensferry EH30 9TG, Scotland, UK

    Warranty The material contained in this document is provided “as is,” and is subject to being changed, without notice, in future editions. Further, to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, Agilent disclaims all warranties, either express or implied, with regard to this manual and any information contained herein, including but not limited to the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. Agilent shall not be liable for errors or for incidental or consequential damages in connection with the furnishing, use, or performance of this document or of any information contained herein. Should Agilent and the user have a separate written agreement with warranty terms covering the material in this document that conflict with these terms, the warranty terms in the separate agreement shall control.

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    2 Agilent E6474A User’s Guide

  • Welcome to Agilent E6474A Wireless Network Optimization Platform

    Agilent E6474A User’s Guide

    Thank you for choosing Agilent Technologies. In this User’s Guide, you will find the instructions you need to set up the hardware and begin using the software to take measurements.

    About this guide

    This guide contains installation and operating instructions for the Agilent E6474A Wireless Network Optimization Platform software.

    Additional information

    This guide is designed to provide you with a smooth, successful installation and setup. In addition to this guide, the online help provides information on the user interface, views, system panels and configuration, as well as in- depth information about how to use the E6474A software. The software also contains over two hours of video training material that helps you get the most from the application.

    See this chapter For this information

    1 Get Ready A list of tasks to perform before you get started.

    2 Install the Software Instructions for installing the E6474A software.

    3 Set Up Your System Setup instructions and cable connections for each component of your systems.

    4 Use Your System • Powering up systems. • Starting and using the software.

    5 Get Results Fast • Using the online training demonstrations. • Accessing and using online help.

    6 Get Assistance, If You Need It

    • Getting telephone support. • Frequently asked questions. • Returning systems for service. • Solving problems. • Contacting customer support. • Updating E645xC receiver firmware.


  • 4

    Agilent E6474A User’s Guide

  • Contents

    Agilent E6474A User’s Guide

    About this guide 3

    1 Get Ready 11

    Unpacking your boxes 11 Before installing the software 12

    2 Installing the Software 13

    What is on the CD 14 Install the E6474A software 14 Install Adobe Reader software 16 Verifying your software installation 18

    3 Set Up Your System 19

    Phones 20

    Overview 20 Phone connection using a USB port 20 Phone connection using direct serial port 20

    Agilent Digital Receivers 21

    Overview 21 Connecting a single W1314A receiver 22 Connecting multiple W1314A receivers 22 Power Distribution Module (PDM) for the W1314A Receivers 24 Using a Diplexer antenna connection (Agilent W1314A) 25 Connecting a single E645xC receiver 26 Connecting multiple E645xC receivers 26 Pulse trigger E645xC receivers 28


  • 6

    GPS 30

    Overview 30 Agilent digital receiver internal GPS 30 Agilent digital receiver external GPS 30 Indoor positioning 34

    Batteries 35

    Checking the remaining charge 35 Charging the battery 36 Safe handling and disposal 36

    Indoor Setup 38

    Overview 38 Setting up the timing module 38 How to switch batteries during calibration 42 Cable connections for indoor hardware 42 Cable routing through the shoulder straps 45 How to reset the 1PP2S output on the timing module 47

    License Manager 49

    Introduction 49 For more information 50

    4 Use Your System 51

    Turning the power on 52

    Battery charging 52

    Starting the software 53

    To start the software 53

    Using the software 54

    Introduction - Create a New Project 54 Creating a new project 54 Tour of the User Interface 57 Adding Hardware 59

    Agilent E6474A User’s Guide

  • Agilent E6474A User’s Guide

    Tour of Data Items 67 The Sequencer 69 Views 72 Mapping 76 How to add and configure an indoor map 84 Collecting Data 87 Sharing Projects and Data 92

    5 Get Results Fast 99

    Using the Online Training 100

    To open a training topic 100

    Online Help 101

    Accessing Online Help 101 To search the help 101

    6 Getting Assistance, If You Need It 103

    Troubleshooting your E6474A system 104

    Device communication problems 104 Setting an iDEN phone’s baud rate 105 Toshiba phone power-up issues 105

    Online Frequently Asked Questions 107

    Updating Receiver Firmware 108

    Replacement firmware security key 110

    Contacting Customer Support 111

    Technical telephone assistance 111 Numbers to call 111

    Returning the System for Service 112

    Warranty repair 112 Preparing the system for shipping 113


  • 8

    A Safety and Regulatory Information 115

    Warning and caution notices 115 General safety considerations 115 Installation, Use, and Storage 116 Signal and input power 117 Symbols 117

    Declaration of Conformity - Agilent E64xx RF Receivers 119

    Declaration of Conformity - Agilent W1314A Receivers 120

    B Connection Panels and LED Indicators 121

    Agilent W1314A Receivers 122

    E645xC Receiver 123

    Trimble Placer GPS 455DR 124

    Fei-Zypher Timing Module 125

    C Specifications 127

    Computer Hardware and Software Requirements 128

    Battery Specifications (W1314A-070) 129

    Charger specifications 130 Battery disposal 130 Power cable 130

    Receiver Specifications 131

    W1314A receiver specifications 132 E6450C CDMA PCS 1.9 GHz receiver specifications 134 E6451C GSM900 receiver specifications 136

    Agilent E6474A User’s Guide

  • Agilent E6474A User’s Guide

    E6452C CDMA/TDMA cellular band receiver specifications 138

    E6457C Japan CDMA cellular band receiver specifications 140

    E6453C GSM1800 and Korean CDMA band receiver specifications 142

    E6454C 1.9 GHz CDMA/GSM1900 receiver specifications 144 E6455C 2.1 GHz W-CDMA/UMTS/cdma2000 receiver

    specifications 146 E6456C 1.9 GHz W-CDMA/UMTS/cdma2000 receiver


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