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  • Agilent 53220A/53230A 350 MHz Universal Frequency Counter/ Timer

    Users Guide

    Agilent Technologies

  • Notices Agilent Technologies, Inc. 2011

    No part of this manual may be reproduced in any form or by any means (including elec-tronic storage and retrieval or translation into a foreign language) without prior agree-ment and written consent from Agilent Technologies, Inc. as governed by United States and international copyright laws.

    Manual Part Number


    EditionSecond Edition. September 2011

    Printed in Malaysia

    Agilent Technologies, Inc.5301 Stevens Creek Blvd.Santa Clara, CA 95052 USA

    Product manuals are provided with your instrument on CD-ROM and/or in printed form. Printed manuals are an option. Manu-als are also available on the web on the instruments product page.

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    Declaration of Conformity

    Declarations of Conformity for this product and for other Agilent products may be downloaded from the Web. Go to and click on Declarations of Conformity. You can then search by product number to find the latest version.

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    This product comes with the standard prod-uct warranty. Warranty options, extended support contacts, product maintenance

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    CertificationAgilent Technologies certifies that this prod-uct met its published specifications at time of shipment from the factory. Agilent Tech-nologies further certifies that its calibration measurements are traceable to the United States National Institute of Standards and Technology, to the extent allowed by the Institute's calibration facility, and to the cal-ibration facilities of other International Standards Organization members.


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    2 53220A/53230A Users Guide

  • Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive 2002/96/ECThis product complies with the WEEE Direc-tive (2002/96/EC) marking requirement. The affixed product label (see below) indi-cates that you must not discard this electri-cal/electronic product in domestic household waste.

    Product Category: With reference to the equipment types in the WEEE directive Annex 1, this product is classified as a "Monitoring and Control instrumentation" product.

    Do not dispose in domestic household waste.

    To return unwanted products, contact your local Agilent office, or see for more information.

    Lithium Battery Recycling

    The 53220A/53230A counters contain a 3V coin cell lithium battery. Agilent recom-mends that this battery be replaced every year at the instruments 1-year calibration interval. Replacement procedures are pro-vided in the 53220A/53230A Service Guide.

    Option 300 provides battery operation of the 53220A/53230A using a 12 lithium battery. Performance of this battery will degrade over time as a function of the number of bat-tery charge/discharge cycles.

    Refer to local, state, or Federal regulations when disposing of, or recycling either bat-tery.

    Safety InformationThe following general safety precautions must be observed during all phases of oper-ation of this instrument. Failure to comply with these precautions or with specific warnings or operating instructions in the product manuals violates safety standards of design, manufacture, and intended use of the instrument. Agilent Technologies assumes no liability for the customer's fail-ure to comply with these requirements.

    GeneralDo not use this product in any manner not specified by the manufacturer. The protec-tive features of this product may be impaired if it is used in a manner not speci-fied in the operation instructions.

    Before Applying PowerVerify that all safety precautions are taken. Note the instrument's external markings described under "Safety Symbols".

    Ground the Instrument The Agilent 53220A/53230A is provided with a grounding-type power plug. The instrument chassis and cover must be con-nected to an electrical ground to minimize shock hazard. The ground pin must be firmly connected to an electrical ground (safety ground) terminal at the power outlet. Any interruption of the protective (grounding) conductor or disconnection of the protec-tive earth terminal will cause a potential shock hazard that could result in personal injury.

    FusesThe Agilent 53220A/53230A is provided with an internal line fuse appropriate for the line voltages listed on the instrument. This fuse is not user accessible.

    Do Not Operate in an Explosive AtmosphereDo not operate the instrument in the pres-ence of flammable gases or fumes.

    Do Not Operate Near Flammable Liquids

    Do not operate the instrument in the pres-ence of flammable liquids or near contain-ers of such liquids.

    Do Not Remove the Instrument Cover

    Only qualified, service-trained personnel who are aware of the hazards involved should remove instrument covers. Always disconnect the power cable and any exter-nal circuits before removing the instrument cover.

    Do Not Modify the InstrumentDo not install substitute parts or perform any unauthorized modification to the prod-uct. Return the product to an Agilent Sales and Service Office for service and repair to ensure that safety features are maintained.

    In Case of Damage

    Instruments that appear damaged or defec-tive should be made inoperative and secured against unintended operation until they can be repaired by qualified service personnel.

    Cleaning the Instrument

    Clean the outside of the instrument with a soft, lint-free, slightly-dampened cloth. Do not use detergents or chemical solvents.

    53220A/53230A Users Guide 3

  • Safety Notices


    A CAUTION notice denotes a hazard. It calls attention to an operating proce-dure, practice, or the like that, if not correctly performed or adhered to, could result in damage to the product or loss of important data. Do not pro-ceed beyond a CAUTION notice until the indicated conditions are fully understood and met.


    A WARNING notice denotes a hazard. It calls attention to an operating pro-cedure, practice, or the like that, if not correctly performed or adhered to, could result in personal injury or death. Do not proceed beyond a WARNING notice until the indicated conditions are fully understood and met.

    Safety Symbols


    Do not connect the input channels of the 53220A/53230A to AC line-voltage mains or to circuits derived from AC mains. The instrument must be used in CAT I (isolated from mains) appli-cations only. Do not use in other IEC Measurement Category (CAT II, CAT III, or CAT IV) applications. Failure to observe these precautions may result in electric shock and serious personal injury.


    The BNC shells of the input terminals are connected to the instrument chas-sis. Verify signal polarity before mak-ing any connections to the input


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